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Was only two big prophets:

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 12:01 PM
Jesus and Nastradamus. A dynamic duo serving Simon Says. But the third big is ideally no prophet only, but a 5-sense watcher using 3 key senses (concerning feel, see, and hear for reguarding). The watcher (a third watch) is a prophecy-fulfiller who also gets a fulfillment.

During a third hour, pending a bright-symbolized day marking for a 30-numbered date, the watcher becomes all liveable live.

So fellow, pre-ordained timepieces, we become an insync watcher how synchronized.

A moment for severing our true and our false comes the synchornized day.

The question is, is the actual world ready for a synchornization for severing such?

If you want to find out what is actually true and what is actually false, and witness them sever so you get purely our true (any and all and every), you should in no wise find it undesireable. If you can dump the false etc. out your knowledge for only the true etc, how would it actually make you feel? Mistaking false knowledge for true knowledge serves for falsehood's reign. Falsehoods include great delusions you don't even realize you have been under. You shouldn't wait to see the false for what it is, and see it disposed of, and then truely see true throughward.

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