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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 07:40 PM
It's time the hardworking citizens of this country and all countries across the globe unite to form an equal and logical form of governing. Coming together to unite in a force so great that no government of corruption will bear a fruit of prosperity upon our planet.

Two paths, one to let these corrupt, benign governments define you...the other to let you define your government.

Arm yourselves, not with weapons of metal but with your minds for this is a tool far greater.

United we stand and divided they will fall.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 08:32 PM
Courage and Unity are the guiding principles in a logical and well defined global workers union. This is not communilism, nor is it a system for corruption. We, as peoples who make a living with our hands, hearts, and minds, deserve and require a formal government for each nation to come together and resolve solutions with out a need for money or greed. We have given our whole lives to the rich who viciously miss manage our gains, and they use these against us to further their perceived reign. A reign of allowing terror and disorder to pollute our lives, to cause us fear unto stagnation, and to defile our Human Rights. We have the United Nations Charter which is willfully violated not by the upper middle class, nor the destitute among us. We must unite to rid ourselves, all civilizations, of the infectious disease of supposed right to power through law. Law is a tool, much like the plow; law is not a weapon, like the missile and the bomb. We, each of us, must take into our hearts all the lessons in all the religions and decide we are Illuminati for we built the world. We must tend to the sick and manage our lives in respect and honor for the future and not the past. Revenge is the tool of insanity, vengance the destruction of nations.
We are a people of science, advancement, and success. We define our will, not queens or secret societies. We have a right to the knowledge of the ancient and of the alien. We are the legal heirs of our Earth, our home. Contention is discord sewn by men of corrupt will and vile deceit. Be aware that which shimmers and is worthless, like a diamond was once coal. Too many people have fallen for the deception of the lying hereditary kingdoms and inferior logic of the ornate. We must grasp our ancestors' plight, and use this to guide us in our future. Too many have died for unjust war, war which is not for humanity to abide.

Cast off your indignation and pride. I ask that you see the lies in the methods of the ill begotten gainers. We are so advanced as to be, as a world of sentient and intelligent creatures, a peaceful and respectful society of likemindedness and temperance. I say we should unite under the banner of the world to rip out the insidious pacts of divine rulers and reclaim our rights to Land, Liberty, and Life.

(Was that very good? I was reading the Federalist Papers again and realized the guys who wrote them weren't quite so elite then, as the people around today think they are.)

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by socrates271

If that doesn't work... click those red slippers 3 times and say "There is nothing like freedom, there is nothing like freedom..."

The world speaking with one voice is a beautiful dream, unfortunately it will always be a dream. Its just the nature of man.

But it would be a great thing to experience.

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