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Congradulations Obama

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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 01:25 PM
no, i voted for john mccain, i thought john mccain was better in many ways than obama, and i thought obama was a dark character. aside from that and other vague parts of this election, it was my intention to cast my vote for president, for my first time voting, and have mccain win.

well, he didn't win, and i figured he wouldn't, but it wouldn't be close enough to democracy if i didn't vote for who i wanted, even knowing they stand a good chance loosing. so the night before i prepared myself, knowing that if obama lost, there would be mass riots, i told myself if mccain lost i wouldn't even think about it.

so now my whole thought process is changed, now obama will become president. it is time now, not to continue judging with who he has known and where he was born conspiracies etc., it is now time to judge him based on his decisions. i still feel he needs to prove himself to me, and this is how he will, there can be no rhetoric, he will have to make concrete choices. i think he is fully capable of making the right choices, everyone else should give him that much credit also, no matter who you voted for.

so i just want to say to you obama supporters, that yes, i argued with you and told you off, and got mad as hell at all of you, but now, given i have no choice, i stand with you. although you have already judged this man to be worthy, i stand waiting to garantee to myself his worth based on his actions... but i forgive the convictions i have had towards him and give him amnesty of sorts. and hope for the best

im sure many reps and conservatives feel the same
but i just had to let it out you know?


ps - if you feel the same you can let it out here

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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by indigothefish

Indigo, I find that this is a more prevalent feeling than even I expected.

I truly feel more unified than ever with my fellow man.

Like Elizabeth Hasselbeck said to her child when she asked her mommy who lost the election, her answer was "Nobody Lost last night... the entire country won"


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