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Obama's Orwellian "Universal Plan"

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 02:02 PM
This is how it works: "At-risk" parents-to-be are identified. Obama's
"Universal Program" is put into play before the child is even born.
Big Brother oversees the child's education from pre-birth to....whenever?

My questions:
Who determines the "at-risk" status?
Is a government-appointed guard or nanny going to live with these
people to watch the children when the parents are partying, smoking crack
and engaging in other at-risk behavior? Is someone going to LIVE with
these poor kids to make sure everything's OK when they're not at school,
because THAT"S the environment that determines whether a kid succeeds or fails.
I showed this to a friend of mine who taught elementary school at inner-city
schools for years. The failure rates are heart breaking. She was actually
angered by Obama's flippant "listen to how I'm gonna solve this whole problem" attitude.

This is more feel-good b.s. that is going to result in untold billions of $$
being squandered on wasted programs. "No Child Left Behind" was good in theory too, but aptitude test scores continue to slide, across the board, because this is a cultural problem. You can't solve it by throwing money at it
or by passing feel-good legislation. People like Barack (watch me wave my magic wand) Obama will NEVER, EVER understand that.
My teacher friend said she has yelled at parents: "Get Billy to school on time, make sure he's fed and he got a decent night's sleep. We'll do the rest!" But these lousy parents are too lazy or selfish to even do that.
They didn't give a rat's arse about getting an education, and they sure as
hell don't care is their kids get one. But Obama will change all that!
His Universal Plan will magically guarantee that every kid in America
is taken care of.

Newsflash, Barack: Every kid in America has had access to an education for decades. He talks like some poor, unfortunate kids are somehow mysteriously being denied an education. Again, his plans are just the same
old crap with a new name. There is no forward thinking here at all. NONE.
It's just bigger government, more programs, more spending, and more talking.

I've reached the point that I almost become nauseous whenever I hear him talk, spouting his never-ending stream of babbling b.s. It's all cheap talk...there's nothing behind it.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 02:07 PM
Right on. If you apply for any fedral grant if you are broke, you can get it. If you go to Community College and get all of your prerequisits, you can then get grants and loans to continue on.

Now if you come from a well to do family or have a descent job, you can have huge debt after you graduate, join the club huh?


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