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WHOO HOO!! finished w/ the madness!! just wanted to share my story

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 06:47 PM
So, this has been one of the weirdest (out of the 3 I have been able to participate in) election years ever.

It started out with me KNOWING to vote Ron Paul. I live in texas, so I knew much about him and his stances from the get go. Even when he pulled out of the race, I still had my mind set on voting for him...

Until I started listening to the perspectives of ppl on here who were asking why we were still voting for him even though he pulled out. I started questioning my motives and talked w/ a very trusted friend on the issue. He helped me to reconfirm that the best I could do was vote my conscience and as long as I did so, he would treat me to lunch. So, clear conscience and free lunch... how could I not vote the only man I felt worthy of the position of president.

Then I watched the RNC, particularly McCain's speech. As I was watching, I noticed that I didn't have that sinking feeling that I so often get with most candidates. Being a texan, I am prone (from upbringing) to vote republican and didn't do so the last time at the very last minute just bc i couldn't get over that sinking feeling I felt with Bush. BUT here I was, watching McCain (republican.. yay!!) and I didn't feel it and thus decided that perhaps it would be okay to throw my vote over to McCain.

After the RNC, I came on here and after speaking with a couple of very intelligent ppl, I realized that "not having the sinking feeling" was probably not reason enough to vote for a candidate whose stances I still felt uncomfortable about. So, back to Ron Paul.

Still, however, I kept an open mind to McCain. In fact, I talked again w/ my trusted friend and he was now throwing his vote over to McCain bc he didn't want Obama in office... and I agreed. Then, a person that I had been talking to from off this site brought my attention to Palin. He was very annoyed with her so I went on a quest to see what all the big noise was about. I found a woman that was picked for reasons that obviously had nothing to do with her qualifications. I was amazed that ppl were defending her, most notably McCain. I am still appalled that she is his running mate.

That was the point I started noticing that McCain is a little on the crazy side himself.

Now, before I tell you WHY I started considering Obama (I know, I am still shocked that I would consider him), let me explain WHY I was more anti obama than pro anyone prior to the third debate. I had, in the beginning decided to go and look at the issues of the democrat first since I am prone to side with the republican due to upbringing.. I have listed out many reasons on this board why I am anti his stances, but mostly it was due to the extreme stances he takes that are pro socialism. Now, considering that we are no longer really living in a country that is pro community, but rather "city consumerism" I am not COMPLETELY against socialism, but not to the degree he is.

HOWEVER, after watching the 3rd debate and having let many make their way into my head with their "vote McCain or Obama based on 'the lesser of two evil' principle" I actually found myself leaning toward Obama. Less importantly was his smile, but it is rather magnetic and seems very genuine. Mostly though, I found him to be far more concerned with the people in "speech" than was McCain. McCain came off sounding like an immature school boy rather than someone who was running for the highest office of leadership in not only the country, but the world.

So, I actually did find myself considering Obama much to my dismay. I think that is when I realized that this whole election process had become insanity for the insane. In fact, at that point, I decided NOT to vote just because the whole decision making process was driving me to the point of insanity.

That was my stance until this morning when my sis and I decided to run some errands together and she wanted to do early voting. I figured it was now or never. I walked into the voting place with her and was immediately turned off by the machine voting based on the information I have that it is not accurately tallying the votes. I asked for a voting form and after arguing with the lady that I indeed had the right to write in my vote and that if she did not have the forms for doing such, I would report them, I was handed a form for write in. I voted my conscience and the only man I HONESTLY felt was fit for the job despite the slim chance he had of making it in. In fact, I would not be suprised if they crumpled the form afterward and trashed it.

Still, all of 10 minutes of my time and I am now free and clear in my decision and done with this whole mess! I feel confident that I wrote in the only man who is deserving of this office and wish all the rest of you luck in your torment!

Since about my 9th grade year in highschool, I have felt sad after election season is over.... but this one season, never have I been so glad to see it over and done with! Vote your conscience or you are responsible for the mess should your candidate be the one to make it in.... that is my one piece of advice.

My one wish is this: May the gods be with us in the coming years for this surely is a deciding election year for the fate of our country and ultimately the world.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:30 PM
I will not ask who you voted for, because that privacy is your and everyone's right.

I will comend you on your journey to find the candidate that most reflects what you want and how you feel and who you are and what you believe in. That is the only thing that every citizen should do in every election, whether it be for city council or potus.

You did the leg work, you opened your mind to varying aspects, you searched for the truth as you could come to know it and you made a choice based on that. Salute!

I hope everyone does the same. If everyone votes their conscience based on the facts as they are presented, then the right person will win.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:41 PM
The line for early voting here in Texas was long, but unexciting compared to the videos we saw of the racist voters in PA and elsewhere, which is a good thing. There were white people, black people, Asians, Indians, all sorts and we all stood in line and no one said anything to each other. There were voting signs plastered everywhere. Surprisingly, there was no representative for McCain anywhere to be seen but there was a stand and people there for Obama/Biden. I guess the McCain campaign is taking for granted that Texas always has been and always will be a Republican state.

The voting process itself was unexciting. It was the first time to vote using electronic ballots, but it was as simple as could be.

There were 4 pages to choose candidates from and vote "For/Against" on some local issues and then a summary page showing all the selections you made, then you pushed the blinking "Vote" button at the top of the ballot. The screen then told you that your ballot was cast.

And there weren't the stereotypical 'old people' there to assist, there were about a dozen 30-40ish people walking around, answering questions and showing people how to use the machines that had never used them.

Anyone that screwed THAT voting process up either did it intentionall or is a real dumba$$.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by wheresthetruth

thank you for the kind post. I have no problem saying that I ended up voting for Ron Paul. I just couldn't bring myself to vote for the lesser of two evils when there was a candidate who viewed *almost* every issue the way that I do. I have prayed to "the gods" for such a candidate for as long as I understood that we didn't have such candidates (a long time) and thus, in the end, would have felt wrong to deny such an opportunity.

In those that know me well enough, I have found consolation for my vote that won't go far.... In those that apparently don't know me well enough, I have found out who were true in their friendship and who were not true... Yes... all in one day after voting.

This has been the most strangest of election years for me, both personally and objectively, and although it is hard to say, this has been the hardest decision I have made in my lifetime thus far... it not only affects me and my sons, but others as well... and even then, I am not sure my decision will be counted. ;(

All I can pray and hope for is that the right man is voted in. If it is Obama, then so be it. I do see many positive aspects to his campaign.. even some of the socialism (hate me now for saying so, but we are too far beyond spoiled in this country and many need to have the reigns pulled in tight to understand what freedom really means).. If it is McCain, than so be it as well, because we deserve what we are asking for in him... which is a continuation of the spoiled attitude and a belief that we know what is right for the world.

I don't think that we would value what Ron Paul is saying enough.. although that is where I want us to be focusing. But his message is one of personal responsibility and that is not something many understand and deserve at this point... still, however.. it is the only man I felt at peace with in casting my vote. Lord be with those who cast otherwise in this election. You WILL be accountable for how you vote.

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