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Is conversation dying?

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:42 AM
OK for me living is about the experiences of the individual, yet what I am starting to see in society is a gradual decline of experiences, it is as though potential 'moments' are gradually being stripped away from us and instead we are coming to accept sterile day to day exchanges which aren't really nurturing the individual, would you like more coffee sir? Do you need help with your packing? Eat in or take away? Isn't the weather awful!
Conversation is dead when there is no action. I think we secretly thrive for action, good or bad. How was work today? This is a common enough question, right. Well how often is it followed by, 'nothing much' or 'the usual'. Compare this to 'Oh John caused havok today when he got his arm caught in the printing press' Hell I would love to hop on a bus tommorrow and for it to hit a car and roll over, not because I'm mad but because it's an action I can talk about.

IMO society has become more and more efficient at processing consumer demands and requests leading to fewer and fewer confrontations and accidents. Everything is much safer and more organised, leading to fewer and fewer 'moments'. Essentially I think this means we as a society and individually are losing our identity as it is action and interaction that help shape the individual. When nothing happens to you or others around you worth talking about what does that leave accept idle banter.

Ironically it is the criminals and those that buck the system or dare to be different that create action. Their actions stimulate conversation and make news. Everyone else mostly confides with the law and social etiquette and act as just another zero amongst many. Acting at the whim of the collective.

Many of us here are full of theory but perhaps do not act and create action to better society. Short of resorting to terrorism how do we really make a difference and change society so that we experience more action? Thereby letting our individualism shine, or is the system we have been born into beyond change, beyond repair, stagnant in nature?

Shine on.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:49 AM

I get my fix of action from the news and videogames.

I hear what you are saying - Life is freaking boring right? Well with time you'll begin to appreciate that a little more.

Just because you aren't involved in bus rollover on your way to work doesn't mean you can't grow as a person

How do we change society? Well...we don't, the best we can do is to effect change in our immediate sphere of influence.

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