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Philadelphia. Nothin' Like It.....And Stuff

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 10:55 AM
Nope not another Phillies Championship thread. But to quote the great band Queen - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS.
Let me talk about Philadelphia. Best city on the planet. Hands down.
Last night after Brad Lidge threw the last pitch which won the World Series, I got in my car and headed over to center city. Normally I will drive 100 miles out of my way to keep moving rather than sit in traffic. Not last night. I witnessed what I've already known. Philadelphia.
Philly. We get a bad rap, and to a point I guess we deserve it. We are the most loyal fans on the planet. We are also the toughest on the planet. The Philadelphia fans are called 'Boo Birds'. Why? Because we will boo anything that is sub standard. We threw snowballs at a sub standard Santa Claus for cryin' out loud!
Philly. Oh how I love Philadelphia.
Birthplace of the USA. Home where the best text ever written called the 'Declaration Of Independence' was penned. Yes. Most, if not all of the founding Fathers in our history books called Philadelphia home.
Philadelphia. Tough city? You bet. Go to South Philly and be an idiot. Fuggetaboutit. Go to South Philly and help someone, you have thousands of friends who will take your back.
Go to 2 Street on New Years day. LITERALLY people have their doors open. You are welcome to come in and share a feast. Arms are open. I have personally gone into homes of those I've never met and was welcomed to a feast. Does that say it all? Yep. it does.
The Italian Market on 9th? OMG! Open air market with absolutely anything you want. Fresh veggies, the best veal in the world, poultry, pastries, fruit - you name it's there. In the winter they have plentiful open fires in 55 gallon barells. You can make an entire day checking out everything.
I've been to restaurants everywhere. Philly has some of the best. The Saloon - OMG! Simply the best Italian eatery in the world. Striped Bass, Budakhan, La Veranda... the list is endless.
South Street? OMG again! If your into anything at all then South Street is the place. Be it Goth, leather, music, whatever. South Street RULES! I've seen and done things on South Street that would get me banned if I posted them.
Art museum? The best. Boat House Row? If you've never seen it lit up at night then you haven't lived. How about the Franklin Institute? Never ceases to amaze me.
Melrose Diner. Not a better Diner on the planet.
Say what you will, but Philadelphins are loyal to a fault. To their teams, to their friends, and to their Philadelphia brethren. I know from experience when I say that I've seen some doody hit the fan in a foreign place. When the man who was being harassed said he was from Philadelphia, a couple other men took this strangers back because they too were from Philadelphia.
I LOVE this city.
Philly. My home. And I am damn proud of it.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 11:13 AM
You keep it rubbing it in Lombozo.

I've been wanting to move up there for years now, and as soon as I find a job that works for me and my family, we'll be there.

I can vouch for everything you've said. Although having never actually lived there there are many experiences I can't relate to....yet.

Makes me wanna step it up a notch in my job search.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 12:24 PM
man that was crazy it was like newyears but louder and wilder all you could hear was fireworks and cheers


posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 10:36 AM
A couple examples of why I So Love this city.

Italian Market

Philly - Why I Love It

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