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McCain says racism will barely affect election

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 08:54 PM

TAMPA, Fla. – Republican presidential candidate John McCain says racism will play virtually no role when voters head to the polls next Tuesday because it will be trumped by the nation's economic problems.
In a transcript of an interview taped for broadcast Wednesday night on CNN's "Larry King Live," McCain said people will vote "for the best of reasons, not the worst of reasons." He said most people will vote based on who they want to lead the country.
Referring to people who might vote against Democrat Barack Obama because he is black, McCain added: "It would be a tiny, tiny, minority. Because people are hurting too much now. I mean, they're worried about staying in their homes, keeping their jobs."

I just have one question... is McCain voting for Obama?

McCain also repudiated a suggestion by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh that Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama was because both men are black. Powell is a Republican and served President Bush as secretary of state.
"I reject it," he said of Limbaugh's statement. "Look, there is racism in America. We all know that because we can't stop working against it. But I am totally convinced that 99 and 44 one-hundredths percent of the American people are going to make a decision on who is best to lead this country."

Well thank goodness someone gets it, funny that someone is McCain. I gotta say that I admire him for saying that.

In the interview, the Arizona senator also said he was surprised at how controversial his vice presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, has become. Though she is a major star among Republicans and conservatives, many Democrats and some independents find her polarizing. And, in many polls, she is disliked by as many or more people as like her.
"You know, I didn't think she would be so controversial," McCain said. "But I got to tell you, every time I'm around her, I'm uplifted. This is a solid, dedicated, reformer. A fine governor."

He said he had "total" confidence in Palin should she have to handle a crisis like an attack on the United States.

"She has the instincts, she shares my world view," McCain said, adding that she understands national security issues. "She understands them very well. And frankly, with a lot of conversations that I've had with her, she's (an) incredibly quick study," he said.

Seriously he is handing the election over on a silver platter!!!


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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 08:58 PM
I have to post the rest of that article in case you miss it...

Also in the interview, McCain:

_Acknowledged friction between some of his advisers and Palin's but called it "nonsense" and said his relationship with Palin was fine.

_Said he does not believe Obama is a socialist but that he has been "in the far left of American politics." McCain and Palin have accused Obama of supporting socialistic tax policies that would redistribute the nation's wealth.

_Said he supported the Federal Reserve's half-percent interest rate cut and said the key to spurring the economy will be restoring the housing market.

Whaaat??? All we have heard for the last 2 weeks is socialism this and socialism that, I am so confused

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 09:11 PM
Maybe he's back tracking because of this video?

Maybe he realizes it is completely idiotic to imply your opponent is a commie for supporting an aggressive tax plan you supported and defended in 2000? Maybe he is trying to repent a little before this race is over, go out looking like the true maverick he once was instead of a sell out?

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by rapinbatsisaltherage

I do think he is doing some backtracking but his whole campaign has been so up and down with misstep after misstep I cant help but think for some reason he or his advisers are pulling for Obama.
I really think it is a big mistake for McCain to even comment on the racism aspect of this race whether his comments are good or bad. What does McCain know about racism? It is a bit offensive to those who have had to live with intolerance all their lives. He should just stay mum on that topic.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 10:10 PM
Lets be honest here.

How can race NOT be a factor

For the past so many decades, we've had a '' no coloured people '' sign on the whitehouse front door.

I gaurantee there will be hordes of black people, young and old who never gave a flying hoot over elections, voting for Obama just so a blackman can have his turn.

And fair a bloody nuff too.

Just the same way redneck americans who stroke their shotguns while spitting tobaccoo and cursing the black man will be voting for Mccain, trying to make sure a blackman doesnt rule him.

Race not a factor, What a joke,
thats like saying sex wouldnt be a factor if Hilary Ran!

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by SEEWHATUDO

Well let's assume for the sake of discussion Mr Obama is really a communist! I know hard to believe, just because he says things like redistribute wealth, redesign the flag, constitution needs rewritten, those are well relatively everyday things for a Democratic Party that just a month ago took a three page document to set aside 850 billion dollars to buy troubled mortgage paper from the banks and turned it into a 242 page blue print for the government to own most of the homes in the nation, and own most of the banks in the nation, and own big industry.
So it's a stretch I know to make such an allegation. But hypothetically lets say Obam is a socialist/communist raised in Indonesia who coincidentally travelled to Pakistan in 1990 on his Indonesian Passport, to? Participate in studying the Koran at one of their world famous Madras Schools? To Participate as an intelligence operative in a country full of them working both sides of the Soviet Afghan war? Which side would it be though? Well, we know he wants to give back Iraq and take American Boots off of the third largest oil reserves there, something of huge strategic value. We know he wants to stay in Afghanistan where Osama Bin Laden no longer is, and it has no strategic value, so lets for the sake of the hypothetical say he was fighting against the Mujhadeen as an intelligence operative in 1990, and the Mujhadeen became the Taliban so that would have meant he was a Soviet/Communist Intelligence Operative. Lets for fun say then he went on to become a sleeper and a mole, moving to Chicago, finding radical anti-American mentors and building a power base say like in a church with a controversial minister who preached and advocated racial hate, a base that liked him and helped put him through Harvard and then launched him into politics where after abandoning a state and a Federal Senate seat he has still to write one law. A Soviet Sleeper KGB, as in KGB whose former top members are now the wealthiest people in Russia's democracy. Democracy? What happened, the U.S.S.R. went bankrupt thanks to us, Regan's Star Wars, War in Afghanistan, Fixed Saudi Oil Prices and Extra Production so they couldn't sell their own oil on the open market to stave of bankruptcy and were more or less spoon fed an ugly democracy like mom gives a 5 year old cough syrup. That KGB.

Lets say for more fun, somewhere in Hanoi back in the sixties and seventies, there were some KGB advisors in like, well lets say? The Hanoi Hilton. Let's say they had some drugs, lots and lots of fun drugs, and tapes, they loved to play over and over again, for very special VIP prisoners there. Let's say they loved old American black and white movies and were fascinated by the Manchurian Candidate and really wanted to play with that concept. Lets say they gave it their all for six years and crossed their fingers what ever they did might work and survive the test of time.

Let's say they needed someone to say a special word from time to time to snap him into the right frame of mind. Lets say another sleeper like Mr. Obama, lets make it a woman, lets make it someone pretty, lets make it someone they could plant by just a short hop skip and 90 boat right across the Berring Sea, someone else they would tell to go into Politics, one working freely, one subliminally coded and ordered. Let's say years later that programmed prisoner of war wins his parties nomination, let's say by some wild fluke he picks his sleeper handler who knows the words to activate and deactivate him as his running mate. Lets say when she isn't turning him on and off, she lets slip out a thing or two to make people wonder and dislike her and weaken their desirability as a politcal team.

Now lets say you run them against your other sleeper whose idealogy isn't programmed but heart felt...get the's a box

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