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ATS Committee for the Reimplementation of the ATS Elections

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:28 AM
My fellow members, how many of you are familiar with the failed ATS Presidential Elections?

Going back to before the American Elections began, ATS rolled out an idea to hold our very own elections. There would be platform discussions, debates, and a site-wide vote in the end. The winner of this competition was to be given their own dedicated political forum to discuss the Presidential Elections. In short, it was a very progressive, very wonderful idea put forth by the Amigos. Unfortunately, it proved to be too much for the moderating staff to handle and operate. There were a few moderators who worked very, very hard to see this to fruition, but were still unable to achieve their goals.

I am of the mindset that this is still a very exciting, very workable idea for ATS. I believe a site-wide election of this magnitude would be a giant step forward for ATS as a whole.

What I am proposing is a complete redesign and reimplementation of the elections here at ATS. I am willing to take the lead on this initiative and make sure we have all the tools necessary to see this through to completion.

I believe with the right group of individuals dedicated to making this happen, that we can in fact find suitable resources and time to make this dream a reality.

As of now, this is an unofficial entity that I will be helming, but I urge you to show your support and help me get the ball rolling on this. Let’s build some excitement for this and see if we can’t gain some support.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen, and will dedicate myself to this task.

Who’s with me?

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 11:18 AM
I think this idea was scrapped because ATS would be better served by it's membership being independant pundits and it's also served very well by the AP Mix.

Besides people lost so much interest in the ATS POTUS election. It is a dead horse. I think it's time to let that corpse rot in peace.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 11:20 AM
I believe it died because it was never fully organized like it should have been. Even at the very end, a majority of members had no idea what it was!

This doesn't have to have the same rules in regards to getting a political forum or anything, but I think an election like this would be a good thing for ATS.

Heck, I'd even be willing to concede an overall ATS election, and perhaps have a BTS election.

I just think this sort of thing could be a lot of fun and very beneficial to ATS.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 06:59 PM

Originally posted by nyk537
Even at the very end, a majority of members had no idea what it was!

This is true. The problem was that the Above Politics board was rarely frequented. Now that AP and ATS have joined I think this will get the traffic it needs.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:21 PM
I am tired of politics.... and would rather not have them here. However that means I will just selectively ignore it anyways. So have at it.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Hi, I ran for the ATS elections under the account of Maverickhunter, and, I remember what happened, and, I think that a lot of people just didn't take it seriously.

If more people posted on the board and asked more questions we would probably have had an ATS election by now.

I think it's because people didn't take it seriously enough.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:12 AM
It appears as though that is still the case.

I thought (and think) this is a great idea that could still work. However without enough interest from the members, it can go nowhere.

I believe there are a handful of members here who are willing to do this, but it looks like getting a large part of the rest of ATS to care is the challenge.


posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by nyk537

I would love to get another chance to run for ATS Presidency.

Also, we didn't have the ATS, BTS, or PTS mix podcast shows when we were all candidates, so, we could possibly use them, if we were given the chance to run again.

It's a great idea, but, it just needs support, and I don't see us having that right now, like you said.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:27 PM
I love the enthusiasm and I personally appreciate this idea being mentioned once again.

This was a process that I truly believed in. Initially I was running as VP with thelibra, however the process continued to stagnate and never really got off the ground. Ultimately I resigned from thelibra's ticket and volunteered to take over this initiative with a team of staff members and promoted a member to be the FSME of the election. Together we worked on it daily and really attempted to push this as far as it could go.

At the end of the day, we didn't have enough interest and no matter how hard we tried.. we could not muster up enough interest.

We had a handful of members who truly believed in it and were extremely active. However it severely under minded the process when only a couple members were actually taking interest in it. Quality was not our issue; it was quantity. And while initially I thought this was something we could overcome, it became painfully evident that it was not.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:21 AM
It’s clear that is still the case Chissler. I had thought that perhaps given some time off, and with the amount of fresh faces we have here, that perhaps I could spark some new interest. Apparently though this is just not something that a majority of members here can get behind. Perhaps this has something to do with general burnout with politics in general at the moment, but it’s hard to say for sure. Either way it still saddens me to see this fade away, as I really believed it could be something great.

Maybe there is another route we can take to create something that a majority of the members would be interested in? I really think a major program such as this could work, depending on what it is.

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