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Car Cling Wrapped in Car Park!

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:04 AM
Is this funny or not?
Was shopping a few weeks back...walking through car park,
I notice empty cling wrap rolls on the ground....extra large rolls!
Then I walk past this 4WD parked near a pole...
The car is cling wrapped completly....several layers upon layer upon layer!
Under the car, over the car...around the tyres...layer upon layer!
You get the picture...I was with my mother...we did a double take,
for at first glance I didn't believe it....I thought, "What The".
I later found out it was some guys car...& a couple of girls had attacked his car for cheating on his girlfriend....someone overheard them having a conversation....that someone I had told about the 4WD cling wrapped....
My mother and I were tempted to wait for the 4WD owner to return, as we would have liked to have seen his reaction....He would have needed scissors to cut through to his car....!
Anyway....thought it was funny at the time...have you seen anything similar, you'd like to share?
Or has this happened to you?

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 08:26 AM
definatly funny

And I've done it meself. We used to have a driver come in to do our ddaily collections. He'd have a small kip under our benches in the bubble wrap if he was early. Which was cool,we didn't mind. One day I decided to shrink wrap his van up and write naughty messages on it in big black marker pen.

Needless to say,he was mightily impressed when he woke up. But not as impressed when I tried to do the same thing with brown parcel tape,and when we went to peel it off,it had all proper stuck to the paintwork
Spent a few hours cleaning it for him for my sins

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by Acidtastic

Thats funny...ha ha!
So, you got paid back...I like it...I believe in karma!

I also caused a street scandal ,for my friends birthday.
Some friends & I bought heaps of cheap gnomes on sale ,about 30...
one was a few feet high...made up some wanted poeters on computer,
all about gnomes etc...

Went to friends house,gaged & tied up big gnome at her gate...and
covered her whole street with posters on trees and poles..
gnomes tied up everywhere...all the way to the train I knew her mum,would be driving her to the station,next morning,to go to work!

Her mum ,said to her ...What have you done!
My friend knew it was we often deliver gnomes to friends when they least expect it...
Her nieghbours discussed the street scandal for days....wondering what was going on...would have liked to wait around for their reactions!

We also had a few close calls with the police driving past...while up a ladder ,stappling poster to pole, they looked at us...but kept driving.

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