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I crossed the stream, I had a dream.

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 09:40 PM
I crossed the stream, I had a dream.
Thank You for the Music
There is no greater reward in this life than to dream a dream, for it releases us from this physical bondage, and allows us to fly.
I had such a dream back when my sanity was still intact, and the matrix was strong. But now I am free to dance and sing as insanity is now in full control of my senses.

My dream started as most, I suppose, I was asleep. In this dream, which seemed to be quite real, there was a figure of a person, shining with a brightness that could not be held by the mortal eye. It did not have a well-formed shape but rather fuzzy at the edges, but still discernible in the form of a human. No face, no hands, nothing could be made out clearly. The brilliance was of purity and of integrity that could not be duplicated. It reached out to me and put its arm around my shoulders. I instantaneously felt all the love and compassion that had ever existed from all times and all beings that were ever created. It was if I was jolted with a million volts of electricity, without the pain and suffering. It was a family reunion of the highest order.

Before this figure, and my self stood a doorway. It’s frame was rectangular as any door, and the door was opened and hung back and away in the full open position. From within the door shined out a light that was as intense and bright as the figure I stood next to. Nothing could be seen inside of this room. With his arm around me he walked me through that doorway.

As with all good things, they must come to an end, I awoke, and a fleeting memory of the dream escaped as they always do, with one exception. As the dream ended and I was transitioning to the awake state, I was left with the sense that there was a really good reason why I would not remember the dream. With that, I awoke, still trembling from the intensity of the experience. The feeling stayed with me almost a half an hour afterwards. Believe me, its quite shocking to have the entire universe explained to you, and you couldn’t remember a single thing.
Years had passed and memories of the dream drifted to the back of my mind and life moved on. One day I received a call at work from the wife informing me that my two year old daughter was rushed to the hospital and it was real serious. I didn’t know how serious until I arrived at the hospital and was informed that the doctors and nurses were doing everything possible to save her life. I was in shock and didn’t know what to think. I was told that she had expired during the ambulance ride, but brought back to life. I had never been so frightened in my entire life.
We were there around the clock watching the doctors and nurses running in and out of her emergency room with carts and boxes and all sorts of equipment for the entire first day. As that first day and night progressed the intensity of activity of all involved intensified, they were so busy they didn’t even have time to tell us anything. It wasn’t till the third day we heard anything and it was bad. We were told she was suffering with spinal meningitis and that they didn’t know how much longer she had.

I was beside myself at that point; I had to go outside because I didn’t want to loose it in front of everyone. I went outside and sat down thinking how the best doctors in town cold not save her, and when that sunk in, I started to cry. I had not been religious in years and the only thing I could think of was God. Why should he listen to me crying for help? I learned alot that day.

As I sat there thinking, it occurred to me that I never really knew anything about him. Oh, sure, I went to my Catholic church when I was young and learned all about the catholic version of the bible, but strangely, not much about God. I remember once asking a Nun about God and she told me to ask the Priest, so I did. A little seven year old took a Priest on. I stood there trembling, looking up to this tall man wearing black and shot the question out, “Where is God”. I felt like I was addressing the Wizard of Oz. His reply was direct and to the point, “You don’t look for God, you will go crazy”. For the life of my daughter, it was time to go crazy.
As I sat there, it was time to shoot that question once again, only this time, it was to him. “God, if you can hear me, please help my daughter live”. I explained to him that I didn’t know if he existed or not, but if you were there please help. Tears started to run even more. “GOD, TAKE MY LIFE IN EXCHANGE FOR HER’S”. I was quite sincere in that offer, and was prepared to fall dead on the spot! No questions asked! Then a voice came to me. It wasn’t from outside, but from within. It had asked me a simple question. At that point I didn’t know what to think, and I didn’t care. I wanted my daughter to live. I thought and thought about the question, and I just couldn’t answer it. I began to sob even harder, because even on my daughter’s life, I could not answer the question honestly. I answered him by saying I could not answer it. It was the hardest thing I could ever do. At this point I was a total emotional wreck, uncontrollable weeping. Then the voice returned and said “Correct”. What do you mean correct, I didn’t answer your question. The voice came and said “The question wasn’t important; it was your answer that was”. It went on to explain that it was far more important for me to be honest with myself than find an answer. I didn’t understand at that point what it really meant, but I did later on. The voice then said she would be fine.
I gathered my composure up after a bit of time and went back into the hospital. I told my wife our daughter would be fine, and I went down to the store in the hospital and bought a little “stuffy” for the daughter and flowers for the wife. As I returned to the waiting room a nurse was there seeing if we wanted to see the daughter. It was the first time since we had been there. The nurse walked us around the corner into her room. There she lay in this big bed with all those tubes coming out of her. They had her head wrapped up and she look like hell. We couldn’t hold her or move her, just hold her little hand. The nurse only gave us five minutes and we had to leave. After that, little by little, the traffic started to slow down going in and out of her room. Later that night one of the nurses came up to us and shook her head staring that she didn’t know how she made it. During the next 3 days, all of the staff, did the same in their own words. On the fourth day we were called into the head doctor’s office to talk about her condition. I knew immediately that this meeting was not going to be normal. The doctor was sitting behind his desk looking very uncomfortable and nervous. He stated he was at a loss and didn’t understand how she made it. He went on to say that she could come out of this with brain damage, loss of hearing, or some type of disability, and they were doing everything they could and that time would tell. He closed the meeting stating again, he just didn’t know how she made it and that it must have been Divine Intervention. It was at that moment I knew, I found God. Our daughter grew up with no disabilities, into a lovely young woman.

Again, years passed and normal life returned until I received a phone call stating my mother had passed away. I was living out west and my family lived in the east. I had to plan a trip home and that took time. We were all expecting this as she had been fighting poor health for some time before. Three days after she passed I had another dream. In this dream my mother came to me and said these words “ I made a terrible mistake”, and with that the dream was over. It wasn’t one of your run of the mill dreams, it was what is known as a surreal dream, it was like I was there with her, in color. She appeared to be behind a judicial bench of some type. She wasn’t judging, she was being judged. It was in full living color, and she looked young again and not a hair out of place. I never knew my mother was so beautiful in her youth. I awoke and was in shock. I made my plans for the trip and left for the east to meet my family. I asked the other family members if they too had a dream of mom, but no one else did. Of course, they thought I was nuts, and sadly they feel this way today.

For years after that I always wondered what she meant. It baffled me to the point of giving up. I let it go of it and moved on with life, till that one day, the day my life changed forever. I was driving truck at night, and if you know anything about trucking at night, you know them drivers get bored.

I was driving along a narrow winding road listening to the radio and my mind started to wander back to that dream about mom and what she had said. All my childhood was now being recalled as the miles ticked off. All the times I could remember that involved mom, so many to look at, so many lessons, both positive and negative, then as if you hit pause on a recorder, my recollections stopped at one memory.

As a child I had always been inquisitive as to life and why I was here, but isn’t everyone? I would always ask questions and of course I became a nuisance. Go away kid, ya bother me was the norm, but you know, it just really didn’t matter to me. I got into an awful lot of trouble. My troubles as a child exploded after President Kennedy was assassinated, and my attitude became quite negative, my mom could see it. One day I started to go off on something and I guess Mom had, had enough! She cornered me and looking down at me, she confronted me. There I was again, shaking in my boots looking up at very powerful adult, who held my very life in her hands, or it seemed. She pointed her finger in my face and wagged it back and forth very sternly with a voice that was equally powerful, and she said sarcastically “THE WORLD IS ALL WRONG, AND YOUR ALL RIGHT, YOU BETTE

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 09:42 PM
Continued from the previous.

sarcastically “THE WORLD IS ALL WRONG, AND YOUR ALL RIGHT, YOU BETTER LEARN TO CHANGE TO FIT INTO THE WORLD, BECAUSE THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE FOR YOU”!!! Needless to say, I got all the wind taken out of my sails. What she had done was ruin my God given right to look further and explore life. To enjoy the adventure of life. She had, without thinking about it, stunted my spiritual growth. In essence she told me to just shut up, and accept what you get in life, and expect no more. She had made a terrible mistake, and that is when it happened.

As soon as I thought those words, I was teleported back through her dream, and back to the white light dream I had so many years before. The truck I was driving was nothing more than a missile at that point, heading down the winding road at 65 MPH. It was as if there were a back door in my mind, and it opened. It was like a Cornucopia of images and mindsets and fact and figures all came rushing out at once. Tears started flowing out of my eyes, I was crying out loud uncontrollably. One of the first thoughts that hit me was the world really is all wrong. It was pouring out so fast and such a volume that it challenged my abilities as a human being. As my mind filled up with all that I could handle the door in my mind closed in the most respect I had ever experienced. Who or what ever did this knew I had had enough, for the moment. It was years later that I found the word for what happened, it was an epiphany. As I finally got my eyes to see once again, it dawned on me, I couldn’t see the road. I came to my senses and took over driving once again. After that night, no one will ever be able to tell me angels are not real, for they must have been driving.

After some time had passed I had realized that I was given special gifts, not because I’m special, but because I had made a deal I had forgotten all about. And it was now time to pay up. I had remembered the last meeting I had with the big guy, and remembering what I had offered for my daughter’s life. The epiphany had shaken me to my core, soul. The visions I was allowed to see had a reason, and a price. Once again I looked up and asked, is it time for you to take me? Is it time for me to pay up? My attitude had not changed. I said God, if it is, I’m still happy to keep my end, you may have me now, take me. In its customary manner it spoke in reply, “No, your daughters life was a gift, you owe me nothing” I thought to myself is this true love? A smile returned. Once again the tears start to roll down my face. Then how can I ever repay you? The voice returned “There is no need to repay that which is given freely, but, if you would like to help me, with my plan, well then….
It was that day I submitted to the Divine. It was that day I learned the true meaning of love. It was that day; I gave my life, to God, freely. It was that day, I crossed the stream, and I had my dream. During my life I have been blessed with many visions, and they too have reasons.
The truth, is, setting you free…..

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 10:07 PM
I want you to know, every word was read and heard.

Thank you for sharing!

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 10:25 PM
I feel the emotion of your story and must say I am struck with tears myself.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 10:27 PM
To break the bread of your sorrow and joy with a stranger is a feast beyond measure. I am graced to be at your table. The new dawn breaks our hearts, but love is the sun. And in its light all is washed clean. Peace be with you, traveler.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 11:35 PM
Your story is very inspiring. To give in to the ultimate sacrifice for one you love, you to hold your love of another above love of the ultimate form and expression of love itself.

The only supposition that I have ever learned to answer the question, Why are we here, is a simple one-word answer...Love.

You found that and expressed it in its purest, most selfless form and you have been enlightened by that, to use your own word, epiphany. You have found in yourself a faith worth believing in and a life worth living and a purpose worth pursuing.

I salute you.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

Hi All Seeing Eye, great post and thanks for sharing your personal experiences.

As the dream ended and I was transitioning to the awake state, I was left with the sense that there was a really good reason why I would not remember the dream. With that, I awoke, still trembling from the intensity of the experience. The feeling stayed with me almost a half an hour afterwards. Believe me, its quite shocking to have the entire universe explained to you, and you couldn’t remember a single thing.

I know exactly what you mean I have had these kind of experiences happen to me many times in life, as you are waking up and making that transition of returning from a higher dimension back to 3D reality you are struggling to remember things that happened switching from your spirit mind back to physical. I usually quickly as fast as possible try to write down whatever it is I can remember but I usually forget it all. Maybe I remember %3 of
But I always have the feeling of assurance that what happened was not meant for me to have in this reality. As badly as I want to remember I just can’t and I know something spectacular just happened, it’s a feeling you need to experience yourself for those who haven’t it’s something you just know and can’t explain.

Three days after she passed I had another dream. In this dream my mother came to me and said these words “ I made a terrible mistake”, and with that the dream was over. It wasn’t one of your run of the mill dreams, it was what is known as a surreal dream, it was like I was there with her, in color.

I have also been visited by my father upon him passing away, he came to me in many ways not always looking the way he did on earth and some of those experiences I was allowed to remember. I know that there is some kind of divine intervention that does take place at times like you mentioned about your daughter surviving. Rest assured it was by the higher ups we can call them God if you like, now my definition of God may differ from others because I believe there are endless beings of light full of love all part of creation that watch over all things in existence and it is infinitely like a ladder that goes up and up and up.

In other words the higher ups have no end they are infinite in number as well as the dimensions, universes and creation are infinite in number with no end. There is no end in all directions of creation physical and spiritual and we will one day progress to these higher up levels and help out people just like us on a world like they are helping us. Being human we need to use that word God, but for me the definition of God is all benevolent beings that are infinite higher up then we are looking down on us that are helping assist mankind.

I can use the word God as a label for those beings but most people think of God as 1 being in a robe standing around in heaven, this is not what I believe though there may be 1 father in heaven specifically or assigned to us on earth as we are spiritual offspring but that father in heaven of ours has another father in heaven and so on that goes on infinitely if that makes sense. That father in heaven would have once been just like us on a earth at one point in time and has also progressed as we will progress to that level someday.

There is eternal progression in all things, this is a law of the universe, without eternal progression all spiritual and physical would sieze to infinitely exist.(The entire infinite Godhead or spiritual family I prefer to refer to them as the higher ups are all watching over us and helping us in ways we could never even imagine.) Spiritually we are all connected and family, even those who have chosen a dark path in life still remain family to us in eternity because we all come from the same thing. (light) Our souls are made of pure light-intelligence!

The word GOD is just a word to us on earth but means nothing outside of our reality, the picture of creation and the creators is bigger than all languages put together on earth and there is no words or definitions that could ever exist to truly explain creation to man in the flesh. We will only get it and comprehend it all in the spirit. So for the meantime God and ET are words some of us like to use for now. Most of the ET's with physical bodies like us are not all knowing as many think but still in the spiritual stage of development not yet knowing all things of creation and the creator or GOD and/or the higher ups. I know I have been shown a lot about this but only if I could remember.

Well thanks again for sharing, I can feel your good spirit--We should never worry about anything and I know everything in life was meant to be, from my experiences I have learned there are no coincidences that can ever happen, no accidents that were not allowed to happen. Everything was seen before it ever took place by God or the benevolent higher up beings above who are family to us and have watched over the entire operation on earth forever. They see things eternally so know all things that will and have ever taken place and can intervene when necessary.

We also were shown parts of our lives before being born and knew that we would experience all these things good and bad, pain, suffering, sadness and happiness, we knew it would not be easy. Well we came here full of energy ready to meet that challenge, we signed up for this whether we realize it or not because it is the only way and necessary for us to move up and eternally progress.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 02:36 PM
Wow, that is really special. I think we all have a reason to be here. Lessons to learn, lessons to teach others.

Thanks for sharing such a personal and powerful message with us.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

That was beautiful my friend. I was just now feeling really down about everything and then received some bad news from a friend before reading this.

I feel inspired again. Thank you.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:41 PM
Thanks OP!
I would like to thank you for sharing such wonderful and personal moments with us. It is rare to come hear and be touched in the way that this thread has touched me, and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, and wish you the best in everything you do.


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

I believe every word you wrote ;-)

dreams are real
angels are real
the hole thing, called mysteria is real

thanks for your wonderfull story
it made me happy, cause now i dont feel alone with my dreams i had and have. Its sometimes hard to believe all of this, what you dream or see in visions.
But such posts like yours, bring me to the point: ok.. i am not mad!!!!
Many other people have such things ;-)

and blessings to your daughter

Nia Wind

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by Trexter Ziam
I want you to know, every word was read and heard.

Thank you for sharing!

Can't say much more than this really.


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

wow i came to this site on a whim. my brother died of spinal menging itis and i'm an obtrusive alcoholic with the seed of Christ in me. your words were very touching. i fell off the deep end a few years ago and i am afraid i'm headed that way again. you already have me reading the word and had me in tears at the end of this. thank you.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:47 PM
All Seeing Eye

Thank you for a wonderful post, and your openness and humility about your personal and family highs and lows and experiences.

However you really have left the picture unpainted only sketched, and as the very reason you state your own mother was Judged as described, I have to say the following, and after your experiences I would be very careful that you are not stunting spiritual growth by witholding information that brings us closer to the divine you experienced,

I have to ask then having said that:

What was the question you could not answer in the hospital?

What was the rest of God's plan, what did he tell you to do to help him?

Kind Regards,

Elf in anticipation

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by Malevolent_Aliens
We also were shown parts of our lives before being born and knew that we would experience all these things good and bad, pain, suffering, sadness and happiness, we knew it would not be easy. Well we came here full of energy ready to meet that challenge, we signed up for this whether we realize it or not because it is the only way and necessary for us to move up and eternally progress.

Do you remember your pre birth time then?

Have you experienced this yourself?

You state it with such conviction, where is your belief structure from?

Are you repeating others ideas as absolute truth with no personal experience?

Did you experience this in a Dream?

As the OP said and having an NDE myself some years ago, we have to be very careful indeed, very very careful of leading people down spiritual paths we are not sure is the "Truth"

Thanks for sharing your visitations by your family, it was touching, but I am intrigued by the above statement you made with such Confidence.

Kind Regards


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:55 PM
Fantastic post.

Just curious, but I may have missed it... what was the question you were asked that you didn't know the answer to?

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:57 PM
Yeah, I loved that but I'm dying of curiosity also. What was the simple question?

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

A powerful heartfelt testimony of which their is great underlying meaning.

In your experience you are not alone.

From that which can be heard, yet not heard, and seen yet not seen.

The moment of moments. To the doubter, the unbelievable, but to the receiver the undeniable.

Thank you so much for sharing that.


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 07:15 PM
Yes, you have listened to God.

Stunningly beautiful post. It has been listened to at the highest levels, and will bring light to all those who read it.

May God continue to bless you.

The Parakletos.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:50 PM
First and foremost, from the core of my heart, thank you. I have never been so honored. But the honor, should not go to me.

We live our lives a few short years with ups and downs, clarity and confusion. We lean much, and we forget much more. Its good, its bad, it beautiful, its ugly. Its a exciting ride only to find yourself one day, sitting alone. You drudge threw the bad days hoping for just one good. Thats life.... Would you have it any other way?

I really and sincerely was hoping there would be no questions. Not that I'm not prepared to answer, or find the courage, but because life is a wonderful gift, given freely, to those who accept. It is not me that gives that gift, I only brought you a dream, an inspiration, a word, a truth. Everything I attested to above is what I lived thew, it was and is, my life. I have shared it with you in the hopes that you too can connect to that little voice inside yourself. If you must, throw off all the garbage that has been piled on top of you, and find that which lies inside of you like a dormant seed. Find it, nurture it, care for it, and let it grow. If you do not find it, and you decide it is what you want your life to be, ask for it, and if you too are being honest with yourself, it will come. But boy, you better be ready, its shocker

The first question was what was the question in the hospital. I could say, thats between me and the big guy. I know that would go over like a lead balloon, so if you allow me to put it in simple terms I would appreciate it.
I was asked to make a choice in my life that had to do with other people who should go unnamed out of respect. Thank you.

The next question is, what is my mission, and what information did I receive.
Well, I hate when people start off a discussion saying "Well", but that is what its all about. People use that term to try and say, hey, you need to know some information before I can answer that. Well, its true.

Humanity has been lied to, to such a degree that if you were told certain truths you just wouldn't believe them. Some of the old timers here can defiantly attest to that. And as much as I would love to tell you the whole story,as I know it, and as someone pointed out above, its not permitted. Its not permitted for a couple of reasons. 1 Unless you did your own research, you just wouldn't believe it. 2. I nor anyone (Anything) else has a right to front load you with anything because you would never know for yourself. This is why in the dream I was not allowed to remember, it wouldn't have been right or fair to me. If it was revealed to me, it would have removed my "God" given right to choice. It is the ultimate integrity. Old Enoch from the Bible, I just shake my head

Yes, when the epiphany opened, many things came out. They were things I had already found, those simple things about religion, religious figures, governments, criminal organizations,grade school lessons, and President Kennedy's assassination, just to name a very few. It came out so fast I cant share all of it here. But what came with it was, if you will, gifts of hypersensitivity to honesty, and the ability to retrace mindsets, or modus operandi. And when I looked again at everything I ever learned everything broke down into bits and pieces or puzzle pieces. When I looked at those pieces the ones that were truthful just kinda shined, even threw the mud they may have been in. The rest was put aside for later. Ever since then............

at any rate, If you want to help, you know how and who to ask, if you care, the rest will fall into place. Get out there and get informed, get the facts, and don't settle for someone telling you a fairy tale. And care, care like you never cared before, but before you do, get in touch with that little voice and ask it, what your mission is. You might end up with a personalized dream of your own. Remember, before you can get right with anyone else, you got to get right with yourself, first

Never give up, never.

Be Safe

[edit on 27-10-2008 by All Seeing Eye]

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