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The Sounds of Stars and Space

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 04:44 PM
Following on from this earlier post space smells of steak I give you the sounds of space.

For those interested but short on time here is an article from the BBC "Team records music from stars" with 4 samples of space sound, I recommend listening to the one described as a song from a globular cluster, very interesting. If you found that pretty cool here is the direct link forJodcast on sounds of space this is a podcast from Jodrell bank, the U.K.'s most famous radio telescope. Here is Jodcasts main page with some of the best sounds picked out from the podcast and two other podcasts on the topic of space.

What I found really odd about the sounds is that they personally remind me of the sounds used in movies to capture the atmosphere of space and those elements of sci-fi. The first sound of a star on the BBC page reminds me of the background sound used in Thunderbirds (a children's TV show) when they film scenes set in thunderbird 5 (a space station(this link shows the sound I describe but ends in a joke)).

The sounds themselves are pretty cool and I personally think they beat the sound of the big band (the sound that made all sounds) by a long way.

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