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Was Half Past Human Correct?

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 10:47 PM
Apologies in advance if this question is already out there. Like a lot of folks, I was waiting for the big event that

From October 7th, 2008 until March of next year
would change the world. After reading the article from the linked source, I wondered if the stock market drops in September were the

expected elements of a prequel that will set the stage for the event, between the dates of September 15th-September 27th.
and the major decline last week was the

"period of release" following the traumatic event.

If this week's market movements track with the web bot's prediction, then I think it will be very interestng to see if the events predicted for later in the year come true as well. I would love to hear some feedback from those more knowledgeable than I regarding any correlations.

Thanks in advance!!

Also, sorry for poor formatting. I am still new and am still learning about ATS

Half Past Human

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