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financial terrorists? meltdown ..

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 10:20 AM
I was watching TV today in the US and had a prime thought..
We have been fighting a war on "terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan.....
Occurring right now is exactly what Osama bin laden wanted all along...the destruction of the market economy..the supposed reasons he bombed New York both times was to bring the great U.S.(Satan) down financially. Isn't it odd that our "own" financial leaders have destroyed almost our entire system and is bringing the world into it too. This is exactly what OBL
wanted and it is actually occurring...someone somewhere is laughing at this and most probably it is OBL. How ironic and "timely" that we are looking at changing the major countries of the world to a more socialist structure. We have destroyed ourselves by the greed of our own self interests and we actually rewared those supposedly responsible with more money. So my question after this is .......who is really responsible for the meltdown. It isn't the bankers unless they are tied into OBL or rather possibly that the OBL myth is just that a myth....who is the real terrorist(S) in this.......we are fighting the wrong war i fear.


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