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Canada VOTE 2008

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 09:02 PM
Hello, before I begin I will say that I am voting NDP.

I have been to the local BC political events for Jack Layton and the very recent "debate / questions & answers" that took place in Kamloops, BC @ Thompson Rivers University between
Michael Crawford (NDP),
Donovan Cavers (Green),
Ken Sommerfeld (Liberal), and
Cathy McLeod (Conservative)

It's the top story right now, right here.

Excerpt piece by Mike Youds
A federal election campaign some have criticized as dull was anything but boring Wednesday night at TRU as candidates fielded a battery of questions from media and the public.

The two-hour forum drew about 600 people to the Grand Hall, where the questions and responses were kept short, peppered with applause, humour and the occasional gaffe.

The hall fell silent, though, when Conservative Cathy McLeod and New Democrat Michael Crawford were asked, right off the bat, what they would say if their son or daughter wanted to serve the military in Afghanistan.

“I would tell my son to follow his heart,” Crawford said. “I would tell my son about the danger of serving under the kind of leadership we have today.”

McLeod concurred: “You need to do what’s important to you. If you go I will be praying for you everyday as every mother would ...”

I noticed that every person that went to the microphone to ask their question had something in common, something that was only touched upon at the very beginning of the "forum" ... the current economic problems, in a more specific and detailed manner people presented their problems, all of which at it's root had MONEY as the problem, but NO ONE, not one person addressed the problem and said, what are we going to do with a system that doesn't work, money=debt, it is a failed system which like the new Zeitgeist video explains is based off of scarcity, garbage products, manipulative advertising and a whole plethora of other problems like technology suppression and patent suppression and a highly unbalanced planet which at this point in our advances is not necessary.

It seems like it's a global test of some sort... like they screw with money on purpose to see what we do, to see if "we're ready" for the next level, or it's just evolution and the money system is dying and passing on, it just wants to get its last few words out before it dies forever.

Politics itself are not very functional, and neither is money not with the new technologies being born or the ones that have been suppressed, they are truly amazing WORLD CHANGING ideas and realities that aren't being given the proper focus, the planet needs better stewardship, people who are literally for people, let's keep this real people, corporations are not big steel buildings or numbers on computers and paper, .. they are people, and let's face it something is mentally wrong with people who run a business like it's a living entity that needs money to survive, that's a falsity so deep it hurts, businesses need relevancy to survive. Corporations are people, and the wrong ones are running them, perhaps we can come to some kind of sanity before it's too late, someone needs to take control of these man-made resources and use them accordingly to provide a more balanced society, a more functional globe, a greater life for everyone.

I think the wool has really been pulled over peoples eyes when they can go to a forum like the political debate I attended and not notice that everyone is asking the same question.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention that I thought was interesting was that Michael Crawford was the only one to mention the American elections and on that note he said, something along the lines of... I hope the Obama wins, not that much of a stretch for a New Democrat to say, but I none-the-less thought it was interesting.

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:04 PM

I have a vote of no confidence in any of the parties, But will vote green anyways.

What we need to do is set a Goal for all of us ot achieve.

Goal: Securing the Human race in the cosmos
Space exploration and the sciences explored in that area would launch a new level of harmony among us I believe.
Unsupress the technology and medicines.
Redefine how we as consumers make our products and dispose of them.
Set limits and standards, not unfettered capitalistic ways.

Dedicate to this goal as on the same scale our human determination and energies were in both world wars.
It would be unbelieveable the exponential rise in our society had we all a common goal as mass space exploration.
Terraform new planets to expand our living quarters, and extract new resources.
I swear the science in technology and medicines from this would set us free, breakthroughs and cures. We most likely would expand our lives, cure our diseases and ailments. Who knows.

Nikola Tesla was the man.

Anyways Thats the kind of words I want To hear from our leaders.

They offer us the bare minimum and refuse to see the potential in us all.
The last greatest thing we did as canadian together was build a railway over 100 years ago. And help from the chinese and japanese.
Let's rebuild it into a maglev network.
Solar farms, Wave generators, Geothermal.
It's all here to us yet our leaders suck balls.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:06 PM
Canada votes?

Sorry for the one-liner...plucky is flabbergasted.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by pluckynoonez
Canada votes?

Sorry for the one-liner...plucky is flabbergasted.

Well it wouldn't have been a one-liner if you explained why you seem to be flabbergasted!

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by pluckynoonez

Plucky! Yeah Canada votes.
Will be interesting to see what becomes of our election.

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