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Weird alarm at night?

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 09:28 PM
The night before last I woke from a disturbing dream to the sound of a strange alarm, and some animal clucking at it. My room is next to an oak tree, and there are squirrels and raccoons that frequent it, and it sounded like one of these animals were clucking. The alarm sounded like irregular "whop-whoop-whoop", like when a cop flicks his siren when he runs a red light. It didn't have lond waves of tones, just jumpy whup-whoop-whoop. And it wasn't a car alarm.

I lied in bend trying to figure out if I was still dreaming, but I looked around in my room and felt my body lying in bed. I've had sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, and lucid dreams before, and this wasn't any of those. If I was dreaming, it was happening while I was wide awake!

I remembered reading a post one some website that night before I went to bed. Some guy, I want to say in Chicago, said he heard the alarm, and he was freaked out by it, couldn't tell if it was real. Then he saw that his cat was freaking out, and he mentioned it to his roommate, who said he was also really freaked out.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? ( No pun intended). I thought it was one this website that I read the other guys post, but I couldn't find it. Perhaps it was another website.

Perhaps it was all a strange dream, including the post from the guy in Chicago.


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