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Sky's Art Gallery

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 01:10 PM
Hey guys, I figured I should make an art thread for my work. I really don't have much as of now, since I either threw away or deleted most of my old work. I just made a big shift from rendered graphite (pencil) to digital media, which is literally new to me.

Criticism, Comments, and ADVICES/TIPS are all greatly welcome. Oh and suggestion as well, lol, I'm usually clueless about what I want to draw.

You can check all this stuff at my DA page: Sky's DA account

P.S. I will try to post up this page with something new, every weekend, if I don't then I hope you can understand the busy life of a college student. lol. I only draw when I have an hour or two to spare, which is very rare.

Digital Work:

-- My first digital painting (sketch, done in painter x): link
-- My second hard cell-shading artwork (done in photoshop): link

-- My Pet Cat: link
--Spring Blossom: link

Traditional Media/Sketches

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