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Revolutionary Questions To Think About

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 03:03 PM
I was just watching the online filk Esoteric Agenda and at the 01:07:30 mark it stated that the FED wants to bankrupt the Dollar so it can call-in all Debts and then seize all of your assets.

So I have a few questions.

If the FED is busy printing money to help their foreign buddies, does that devalue and then bankrupt the Dollar?

Does the current BAILOUT scheme place all of the foreign and Wall Street debts on the shoulders of the American Taxpayer?

With a newly devalued Dollar from printing trillions of dollars for this bailout, does that place the United States in a state of Bankruptcy?

If the above happens will the FED call-in all debt from the American Citizens and literally own America?

If the above happens, then will the FED institute a new currency, currently rumored to be the Amero?

If all or some of the above happens will Constitutionaly sworn and freedom loving American Citizens, Police and Military units worldwide repudiate the FED?

Will they declare a Provisional Constitutional Government made up of States Governors with full transparency before the People?

Will they then seize the properties, assets, holdings and accounts of the FED and nationalize them along with the FED itself and all of its member institutions?

Will they then hold the Officers, Owners and co-conspirators of the FED for trial on charges of High Treason and other charges as discovered?

Will they then hold these trials with complete transparency, presenting as part of the evidence all documents found regarding these actions no matter what the security designation of these documents for a completely fair and balanced trial?

Will they upon conviction of these individuals sieze and nationalise the properties, assets, holdings and accounts of the guilty?

You tell me.

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