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The battery of life ?

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 05:17 AM
Hello ATS,

I've heard that in our heart in between the right and left ventricles there is a cavity which has a singularity(black hole).

That singularity produces the highest electro magnetic field of your body that can be measured up to 8 feet away. That is our battery of life that keeps your heart going.

When you die, that singularity is no longer present and I think that is one of the reasons that they're missing a specific weight that they can't account for that disappear when people die. We have all heard of the urban myth of 21 grams right? There is even a movie of that subject.
If you have not seen it I recommend the movie.

The weight is a result of the singularity curving space time and creating a gravitional effect that we call weight.

What do you think ATS?
Please post your thoughts if you have your own idea please throw it in.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 06:31 AM
Hmm very intriguing concept to me. Where did you come across such a theory? I would like to look into this further and see if any scientific measure have been done and how they actually measured or pinpointed this electromagnetic source to the heart.

Anyways cool theory to mull over I think.


Please provide any sort of link to get me started would be appreciated.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 07:16 AM
Hello GodshipForAll,

Actually before posting I tried to find more info on this but the only information of this is in a lecture of Nassim Haramien where he talks about it and he unfortunatly does not comment on his sources.

To find his 2 x 4 hours lectures just type Nassim Haramien in GV its called part 1 and 2

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 07:22 AM
Someone else posted in another topic about how the Soul weight myth is supposedly false, and that this has been proven by newer more accurate weighting tests, that showed no loss in weight.

Regardless, I don't know what to think of this theory.

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 07:31 AM
The heart is strange indeed. I remember a documentary from Google Video - called "implanted memories" or something, where people that would recieve a heart transplant would not only get a new heart but also memories from the person that donated the heart . They also mention the EM force of the heart , so it could be valid.

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 07:34 AM
Very interesting hypothesis, hope you can provide more information on it. The concept of us having an inbuilt dimensional portal or stargate would account for things like remote viewing and astral projection and even OBE's, so it's not an outlandish idea, but I will admit to never hearing about it before.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 08:30 AM
Hello ATS,

Actually I found more on this.

Researchers at IHM have discovered that this energy connection is quite profound, particularly when you look at how the heart does, or does not, influence our surroundings and those around us. The heart generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field generated in the body. Measured with modern magnetic field meters, the heart's electromagnetic field is approximately five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain. The heart's field permeates every cell in the body and radiates up to eight feet outside the body, but theoretically it travels even further, although its field strength is too low to measure.


posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 10:53 PM
u guys wanna know funny???

This heart chamber has been known about by Mystics from around the world for thousands of years. It is this cavity where one meditates to get one's consciousness into.

Once there, you have opened pandora's box. I wont say what happens, but lets just say that the answer to whether God exists or not is in there.

Getting "there" is a whole other topic, and is safely stashed away in certain books that most people in this world will never come across. Never-the-less in the next 100-300 years, our world will get "there", we just gotta get past WW III and a few revolutions first. Then most people will fight thins new way of "being", but it will become the norm.

Don't believe me? Wait and see or find this chamber yourself and you will see.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 03:04 AM
reply to post by dominicus

Hello Dominicus,

Care to elaborate on this further?
Would love to read more about this.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 01:37 AM
Late reply.....

Anyway, basically, I read somewhere and can't remember the source.... that there is a bunch of nerve endings, like the ones that allow the hand to feel, that is in the heart.

As far as experience is concerned, there are certain techniques, that come with asking God for permission to enter the heart chamber, is eventually given to a person.

At first, you feel a slight soreness in your heart, this is eventually followed by consciousness being activated in your heart chamber.

Upon doing so, you can drop your consciousness into this chamber where you can see many wonderful things during mediation, as this is where your the eye of the soul and the eye of God meet.

Or as Jesus said, "the Kingdom of heaven is within you" and more detailed, its in that heart void center.

Then you actually acquire 2 sets of "brain like" consciousnesses .... one in your head as is the normal perception, and on in your heart where the spiritual perception is.

So lets say your working on your computer and your consciousness is focused on the task at hand, well at that very same time that consciousness activated in the heart chamber has its own focus directed at other things.

Although, to get in there requires some time and effort, because its like an Onion where you have to peel away the layers through prayer and meditation to get in there. But once there, your life is PROFOUNDLY changed forever!!!!!! You will never be the same, bye bye alice, all the way down the rabbit hole.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 06:13 AM

I thought a diagram of the heart and its major electrical pathways might help here.

I'm not sure what you mean by a "cavity" between the left and right ventricle though. I think if there was one it wouldn't be a new find – a lot of hearts have been cut open.

But that is where the electrical impulses are conducted.

Anyway, maybe someone who knows more will chip in. I have no idea about singularities in the heart; that sounds kind of questionable. Enjoy the diagram

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