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This message is only for you contactees!

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 10:29 PM
You know what i mean, contactee, someone who is in contact with extraterrestrials, more than just range contact.

First thing, what kind extraterrestrials i need to meet?

Peacefull and friendly, you know what those two things means so you know who i mean you contactee.

What kind meeting?

More than just stun and drop back to ground or house, where ever they got me in spaceship. (Meeting: i need to talk with them about some things. You can tell that to them why i need to meet them if they asks why)

How to meet me?

They can use any way what they see best to meet me.


Any time. Best times when here is night, everyone sleeps and there will be less interrupt in meeting with me.

Contactees you no need to comment, just get them meet me, that's enough job. I know you watching this forum someone of you so i hope you found in this message, because its important message.

"Message to no contactees, but can still contact peacefull and friendly extraterrestrials":

If you can contact them, contact and tell this message to them, you know what i want, because whole start was what about this was.

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