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Mobile Phones Taught to Turn Against Thieves

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 11:46 AM
This technology is pretty fun...until you start thinking about it....

Stolen mobile telephones are being taught to turn against thieves by sending home word of where they are and letting owners snoop on calls.

Maverick Mobile won accolades at a recent DEMO gathering of 72 startups in Southern California by debuting software that lets rightful owners track swiped mobile telephones and torment whoever has them.

I'd feel great about this if I didn't believe that this technology already exists in every phone and that "Someone Else" has been watching and reading the whole time.

The application runs in an unseen "hidden mode" in mobile telephones, encrypting contact numbers and other data if crooks puts new SIM cards in the handsets.

The India-based firm's software also retrieves contact lists from devices and sends new SIM card telephone number and location data to mobile telephones designated by original owners.

The application also sends copies of any telephone numbers a thief has called and copies of text messages he or she may send.

Mobile Phone

This is classic...there is even an alarm that you can send that cannot be turned off unless the battery is removed!


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