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The Simple Truth

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:20 AM
The Simple Truth

For the past few days, the Fed has been trying to avoid a financial tail spin in the stock markets as the real estate market continues to crash.

But, what really is going on?

It's not just a failure in the real estate market.

What we are witnessing is a systemic failure in our entire financial system.


Quite simply -

There's Not Enough Money on Earth to Satisfy all Outstanding Debts

And there never will be.

Because ours is a debt-based financial system PLUS interest.

And interest is NEVER issued.

It's only charged.

As a result, the Fed must continually pump "new money" into the economy just to keep it solvent.

Where does all that money go?

Into real estate.

Into stocks.

Into bonds.

Into all sorts of commodities.

Into ANY legal instrument concocted - no matter how exotic - that promises to "yield" a profit.

The trouble is - the more money they pump into the system, the higher the prices climb.

The higher the prices climb, the more money needs to be pumped into the system to keep it running - and to keep its "value" afloat (long enough for the kingpins to bail out, taking the value with them).

And so on and so forth until the whole system reveals itself for what it really is - a path to self-destruction.

Americans will never rid themselves of this financial tyranny until they learn how to pinpoint the source of the malignancy - interest and speculation (aka, usury and gambling) - fueled by a private banking cartel.

Those two practices have destroyed civilizations before us and they are destroying us now.

God warned us all about them - but, who will listen.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 06:28 AM
I always find it quaint how economists try to tell us it's hard to understand, it's complicated, it takes professionals paid millions, to understand how things work...

When in reality it really is usury, self perpetuating debt and institutional theft that is the core of the economy. It's so easy to see when people open their eyes to it.

Our western societies will never amount to anything positive while they remain rotten at their core and twisted into wealth centralization pyramid schemes of the sociopathic cleptocracy.

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