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Eestor has a new contract

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:26 PM
Eestor - the secretive company building verstaile ultracapacitors that are predicted to change energy use - has signed on a new contract.

Light Electric Vehicles Company

Light Electric Vehicles Company (LightEVs) announces the signing of a world-wide Exclusive Technology Agreement with EEStor, Inc. of Cedar Park, Texas to provide electric vehicles and propulsion systems using EEStor’s Electric Energy Storage Units (EESUs) for the two- and three-wheeled vehicles markets. Carl Watkins, President of LightEVs, said, “We are extremely happy to reach an agreement with EEStor to provide its new battery technology to the bicycle, scooter and motorcycle markets of the world. We have watched EEStor continue to make progress in proving their ability to produce ultra-high performance multilayered barium titanate ceramic capacitors in production quantities. They have met or exceeded each of their technology milestones, as verified by outside laboratories, and the remaining steps all utilize well established industry techniques.” EEStor’s EESUs are expected to be highly configurable for shape, size, and power, and offer a breakthrough level of performance and price compared to existing battery technologies, including lithium iron phosphate.

Eestor has been relegated to dubious given their secrecy and moving timeline for release and total lack of any public prototype. However they have signed on a new contract which follows the Zenn model. This contract will form a supple chain of the technology and batteries for light 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles. So rather than siding with one manufacturer they are trying to reach all of them they are that confident with their technology.

I hope they succeed. This kind of technology could make weaning ourselves off coal and oil a lot easier.


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