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Does the Speaker/Writer Define the content or does the content define the content?

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 06:23 PM
Hello All,

I'm somewhat confused perhaps someone can help me out.
Many times i've made a thread that I consider breaking news, however sometimes the writer or speaker is a politician, then the thread gets moved to a political section.

How is this correct?

Like this thread for example:

I made the thread in breaking news because it was breaking news concerning the bailout, but it got moved because of the speaker.

So my question is, is it the speaker/writer who defines which section a thread must go or is it the topic/content that defines where it must go?

Now the thread being closed is another topic, because someone already created that topic where it is fact that Pelosi spoke but the thread was in the conspiracy section.... Which.. to me.. makes no sense.

Can someone help me out here, i'm not angry just asking questions.

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