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Interesting Ghost Debate.

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:28 PM
Well me and my friends had a bit of a debate about ghosts. Now one of my friends believes a ghost could be sucked into a black hole. I told her that I could come up with an argument as to why that may not be so. Of course this is mostly theoretical but that doesn't stop me from thinking. Now she seems to fully believe in the idea that a ghost is merely an energy echo of a three dimensional being. I have a theory that a ghost is a fourth dimensional being. I actually have never read any other theories regarding that before, it was just something I thought of as a possible counter. Now me and my brother were talking about this and this is where is gets interesting.

Assume a ghost is a fourth dimensional being. Now say if a ghost intersects with a particular three dimensional area that happens to contain a black hole nearby. Would the third dimensional part we see of the fourth dimensional being be affected by the black hole in any way.

Now my brother seems dead set on believing it would. But I could have sworn I read somewhere a theory that says a higher dimensional being could not be affected by a things in a lesser dimension. So Third being can not be affected by things in second or first and as so fourth can not be affected by third second or first. and on the opposite a higher dimensional being can actually affects things in a lesser dimension. (perhaps might be why energy gets drained in cameras and such when people have cameras around a ghost sighting and if my theory of UFOS being fourth dimensional as well that could also explain why similar things happen there as well.)

Now I would like to hear peoples opinions on this one. I love to debate and this idea is an interesting one for me. I am not a scientist just someone who loves to learn and research, so if anyone with some higher knowledge on this subject could provide their thoughts and perhaps even any ideas backed by facts found somewhere on the internet or a book I would love to hear it.

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by loki009

I must be bored. I have no idea if there is such a thing as a ghost or not. Some apparently strange things occur here and there, but I would suspect that these previous lives just changed frequencies.

Another dimension, another frequency, anyway you want to put it. There are supposedly several simultaneous dimensions according to physicists. What if when a life "dies" that they simply change frequencies, in a more pure energy form, and that from time to time the local spacetime frequency has a bit of interference from the other frequency.

Since time is a function of mass, upon death, time would have no meaning whatsoever, since very likely, there is no discernible past, present, or future. Therefore, some manifestations would be repeats of things that previously occurred, or it could be like hearing someone outside talking as they are walking by. You can't see them, but for a moment you can actually talk back with a bit of difficulty.

Since a black hole as visible would be on one plane or dimension, isn't it possible that the "input" through this dimension may be "output" in another dimension?

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