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Is the NWO starting? Or declining?

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 05:35 PM
Many people believe that the new world order is just starting, however I have a different theory:

I have to admit that I believe that the NWO order exists, however I think people exagerate about their power, like saying that they are reptilians and they control everything. This false statements usually conduce to confusion, for example some people saying Russia and Putin are part of the NWO and others saying that they actually against it, so what's the truth?

What if the new world is ending? think about it... just look at the collapse of US economy, I find it hard to believe that the current situation is not affecting at all this bunch of illuminati folks, because they always wanted to keep the people "sleeping in this false matrix" consuming their products and being brainwashed all the time by the media. Now this is going to change because people will awake and see the reality.

Perhaps if we as humans concentrate ourselves to discover great things for humanity that contribute to progress, rather than thinking that this people are reptilians with limitless evil power. then maybe they would be finnaly over.

What do you think?

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 05:36 PM
The NWO is failing. What you can see... ahem, not see at CNN is their great desperation, which is bad for them, but is good for the people. As I heard the Republicans are not going to vote this bailout, which is also another nail into the NWO's coffin. Hehehe.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 05:57 PM
There is so much variation in the information on the mysterious NWO that I think if the most talked about is true then they are failing right now and in effort to regain control they will turn to drastic near-apocalyptic measures.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 06:00 PM
Alex Jones was discussing this last night. He seems to think the NWO is overextended. I think this is all apart of the plan. What is that purpose again? I must get everyone suckling the nipple just to yank it away. I think that is right, and right on schedule, yes?

For people who don't know the link, he does his show daily here:

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by pluckynoonez

Overextension is always equal with automatic failure. They may say that it's part of their plan, but I believe you posted that banned "Wall Street Drunk" video somewhere else. Now, if someone is that sure in himself (Such as NWO with the usual... it's all part of the plan stuff.), that one is not going to be drunk at the middle of a financial crisis. They're in deep trouble and I live and die for these moments.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 06:16 PM
Well the underlings that don't know they are part of the plan might get drunk.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 06:24 PM
The NWO actually started many years ago. What we see and are aware of such as the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission etc. are all "regional" gangs that do the bidding and dirty work of the NWO and keep the local systems in place.

The real power behind these groups is the NWO, a small select group of men hell bent on world domination.

This latest economic crash has their MO all over it.

It will serve several purposes:

It weakens America to allow either a faux "invasion" (why is Russia in the Caribbean right at 'this' moment) or civil war.

Furthermore, it will be easier for the puppet masters to initiate their biggest wet dream - 1 unified currency for North and South America.

Everything that is unfolding at this time is doing so under their design.

So the NWO is not just starting, and they are far from diminishing.

They are on the brink of realizing a plan that was hatched over 100 years ago and the real game is just beginning!

BTW, this nonsense of them being reptilians is just part of the smoke and mirrors design to cast doubt over their very existence.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 06:28 PM
My personal take is that the NWO, like all fractal phenomenons in reality, can have phase changes.

What this means is it has had a more or less linear crescending evolution, but now, thanks to technology and numbers of people and group awareness, it has hit a period of instability due to the dubbed "mass awakening". Realise that they have survived so long on secrecy and deception but now they are losing the ability to live by these two paradigms, and are trying to replace them with tyranny. The predicted resistance to the tyranny will create a period of instability, which will result in one of 3 outcomes:

1) They get their NWO, the empire for a millenia. How smoothly this will operate for them is debateable. Imo it will be pretty unconfortable at the top and many of them will pay with their lives if they are out in the open.

2) They get totally destroyed, through repossession of assets, legal prosecution and assassination.

3) They get downsized and thrown back into the underground for a rebuild cycle.

I'm betting on 2, I just don't see them pulling it off, because their hand was forced prematurely and they seem overextended. But let's wait and see, because one thing is true, we are tied into their economic and psychological networks, invested to a much larger degree than we should be. The fall of the NWO is the rise of personal freedom and responsability, at a global level and the realization of the value of family, which is the key institution to fight the tyranny and the one they focus most on destroying.

Wait and see I guess, as of now I don't see any turning back, the cat is out the bag.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by WatchNLearn

As someone once said, the NWO is neither new nor is it order. It is basically the mafia of kings, the triade of priests. A group of long lineage con artists that have sat on the top of the socioeconomic pyramid for only they know how long. Perhaps even they don't know, a fair number of them are pathological liars and they probably have lied about their very history.

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