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Why do people chose science over metaphysics?

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 08:54 PM
I think that it's a shame that a field of study that potentially could bring great benefit to the human race like metaphysics. I think that study of metaphysics could really bring us more closer to a new age of enlightenment but instead the study of metaphysics is being ignored by a bunch of close-minded professional scientists. I don't think it's impossible to measure the powers of the supernatural. I just think that we don't have the right techniques to measure them with. I just believe science can only get us oh-so far. I just think that metaphysics, combined with real science, could really benefit humanity, and it's a shame that it's becoming a wasted opportunity by these people in the scientific community that think it's bull.

What could be done about this?

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:21 PM
Why would we think that the two are absolutely divided? I think they are variables of the whole -- the ALL that IS. Science requires variables that are measurable. This, on the surface, seems somewhat "safe" to me, in that in builds upon ideas that can be demonstrated at least in part mathematically.

There is no WAY that I'd think that science describes all or even most of the human experience. I think science and metaphysics can help each other, combine, augment each other in a way to create a complete picture, and there are other disciplines that could contribute.

Good ideas, OP, thanks for the snack.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Metaphysics deals with the mind and scientists are pretty clueless on what the
mind is, how reality is created and the fundamental nature of the mind.
Scientists tend to be limited materialists who think the mind is just a bunch
of chemical reactions in the brain. Extremely limited view. I think that scientists
need to catch up with the great enlightened masters who have explored the questions about the nature of the mind and by doing so have discovered other dimensions that the mind can access as well what the nature of the mind is.
Shakyamuni Buddha who was enlightened realized the nature of the mind and by
doing so discovered a way out of suffering. If you go and watch the faculty of any
scientific community in our Ivy league schools you can see a lot of suffering scientists who do not know how to even be happy. Expert mind is the worst kind of suffering because then these scientists no longer have a fresh and open mind.
It's sad to watch these frustrated scientists who have lost curiosity.
Curiosity is the key to knowledge and wisdom.

Buddha has said that the mind is infinite awareness and emptiness.
Misreadings of Buddhas teachings on emptiness say that emptiness is
voidness. Not true. Emptiness contains cognitive awareness. This cognitive
awareness is infinite-sorry the Big Bang may have only been a start for this universe
but there are infinite universes-anyway I doubt the big bang theory is correct but
that is a whole other topic.

Cognitive awareness can be developed (meditation) way beyond
what is considered normal and society promotes a mental poverty in what the mind is capable of.
Mind potential is unlimited but people get trapped in limited conditioning.
You can see from the posts especially the political ones that it is so easy to manipulate the minds of people.
Cognitive awareness is a vibrational phenomena that creates reality forms through sound.
The letter 'A' is a sine wave.

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