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I have finally figured skeptics out!

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 12:51 PM
I'm not talking about being skeptical about a conspiracy theory you don't believe in per say but just like I've finally figured out skeptics (IN GENERAL)! They don't believe anything about conspiracy theories. They refuse to believe them because they haven't experienced anything that would cause them to believe in them. Like with me, I used to be a skeptic about secret societies, I used to think they didn't exist, then I learned that they were real here myself and I think I've seen some masonic lodges in New Hampshire when I visited there and I thought of ATS when I saw them.

These people don't want to believe anything that will tell them that the government is bad. They laugh at conspiracy theories. They think they're jokes because they think these conspiracy theories don't affect their personal lives.

I'm just saying this because I'm back in school and I'm like amazed at how many people haven't woken up yet. I would think that more people would have woken up like you know how people are always saying they woken up on ATS? But like when you take a look around you not much has changed. They don't know about the real people in power controlling society and running the country. If they did I bet they would go nuts.

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

I think most realize that the government is pretty bad.

So unless people believe what you believe then they are a bad kind of skeptic?

Also if you're just talking about kids at school not believing...then maybe in time they will.
The thing is people don't want to know....if it doesn't affect their lives, then why should they be interested?
It's not just at school, it is with most people in life unfortunately....they are blind to the things of importance.

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 01:31 PM
You say that you're surprised how many people haven't woken up yet. . . have you ever thought that you may have fallen asleep and be having a nightmare? Speaking for myself I believe most of the NWO stuff except for are friends the reptile shape shifting whatsamacallits. Our governments are rubbish, we are being totally manipulated to the point that you don't know who or what to believe, its got that bad that its hard to determine who the enemy is anymore, but that doesn't mean that you should accept everything without checking the finer details for yourself.

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 07:48 PM

Originally posted by Frankidealist35
Like with me, I used to be a skeptic about secret societies, I used to think they didn't exist, then I learned that they were real here myself and I think I've seen some masonic lodges in New Hampshire when I visited there and I thought of ATS when I saw them.

I'm curious as to what made you a believer of secret societies.

If its because you came across a Masonic lodge, you should do some reading up on Masons.

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 08:53 PM
Funny thread.. really. So because ppl don't jump to conclusions and make assumptions to fit a fantasy, generalize whole groups of ppl as being bad because of a label, require facts before believing in something, and all around use the organ located in the head they are asleep and/or cowards?

Let me see if I classify

1. I don't believe that all ppl in the government, police force, military, cia, FBI, free masons, etc etc etc are evil bad ppl who want to dominate and control us for evil bad purposes.

2. I don't believe that "moving stars" are anything more than man made satellites or something natural.

3. I don't believe that there were no planes involved on 9/11 or that the buildings couldn't have collapsed by the impacts or that the planes were not the hijacked planes but rather missiles or that tons of ppl were involved in a conspiracy against their own fellow citizens.

4. I don't believe that there are aliens species that have different names and characteristics that have only been revealed to a select few.

5. I don't believe that we didn't go to the moon.

6. I don't believe that the legend of jesus is any more real than the legend of st. nick.

7. I don't believe that drinking tap water is harming me anymore than walking outside outside and taking in a deep breath of air.

8. I don't believe that John Lear is a sane man.

9. I don't believe that President Bush is a lizard.

10. I don't believe that Sarah Palin is the whore of babylon.

11. I don't believe that Alex Jones is being wise about "waking" ppl up.

12. And I find it hard to believe that ppl really buy into things they have no credible proof on.

13. I don't believe "they" are taking away our freedom.

What I do consider but don't definatively subscribe to:

1. That there is a shadow gov't that want to control society for their own gain and not because they hate us, but because they are protecting their own interests... and I am almost certain that they are apathetic toward the general population. I believe their are good men and women in the police force, military, CIA, FBI, Free masons, etc etc as well as there are bad people who are in these groups. (oh, and I KNOW that it is because of dick cheney that pres bush has called the shots regardless of congress and that is based in fact.. not assumption

2. I believe there is a good possibility of "life out there" and that it is possible that they could be visiting our planet as well as it is possible that our technology IS that good (and it is).

3. I believe that 9/11 happened pretty much how we were told and that the events COULD HAVE BEEN catalyzed by A FEW ppl in higher up beginning years earlier. I base this all on logic and sorting through the facts that are freely available to us. I WONDER if a lot of ppl have gotten so far into their lies and distortions of facts that they don't know their way back out. I also believe that the gov't took full advantage of the situation to enforce the Patriot act that, yes, had already been written (although, not by pres bush, mind you) and sitting around as a bill for just the right situation.

4. I think anyone who believes the word of mouth of some crackpots who claim to know the universal races and characteristics of other life should seriously reconsider saying ppl like me are not awake to reality.

5. I believe that we went to the moon and I consider that some of the pictures were also taken here on earth in a studio.

6. I like the idea of a Creator, but I also know that life isn't about me having to believe him.. it is about me experiencing and learning from those experiences.

7. I believe that drinking my tap water is better for me than drinking sodas (which I bet most of those who complain drink sodas).

8. I am betting that IF John Lear is a sane man, then he laughs at night as he is falling asleep.

9. It seems most likely that President Bush was just the retard some were looking for to be the "front man."

10. I believe that most of the males on here who are bashing palin would love nothing more for her to be their personal whore, and maybe even some of the females.

11. I used to like Alex Jones when I knew him personally, but I had to be honest with myself that he is doing nothing but leading more ppl to the slaughter house, so to speak.

12. I really really believe that a lot of ppl are buying into fantasies because way way way in the back of their head they don't really believe it and it gives them something to do while being able to deny reality.. or maybe just because they really feel that unspecial and want to feel otherwise. I promise, it doesn't hurt all that bad when you realize that yes, you are nothing but an ordinary human being not meant for greatness or special secrets from little beings... in fact, it is quite liberating.

13. I believe that ppl are giving their freedom away by living in fear and anger... and I think they are showing that they need to be controlled rather than being self sufficient and facing realiity.

I left the target up on my back from the last few posts, so aim and shoot your little hearts out. Reality is uncertain, dangerous and yet wonderful and challenging.. If you feel the need to be in an illusion of control by buying into theories, assumptions, and fairy tales then so be it. Calling those of us who face the FACTS and reality as it is cowards and telling us we are "sheeple" who are not awake and unable to face "so called truth" is quite laughable considering.

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by ben420

It's more or less because I've seen some masonic lodges myself that I am willing to accept their existence.

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by justamomma

Other than the fact I won't drink my tap water (it's lumpy) I'm pretty much with you.

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 01:55 AM
Actually, I am a skeptic because I think a lot of possible paranormal stuff is misinterpreted normal events. I have seen a fair number of strange things myself, and have even been fooled a number of times because I misread the event at the time, or had limited information. One good example that I can think of is the person who filmed a human silhouette with an IR camera in a supposedly haunted building not realizing that he was casting an invisible shadow of himself with his own IR lights. Not that he intentionally did anything wrong, but he misinterpreted something because he failed to think of all the possible normal angles before he jumped on the paranormal one.

Another aspect is some of us who have inside knowledge from various jobs we have done over the years. For example you will NEVER convince me of Chemtrails, because I have too much aviation experience. You will never convince me that the 911 crash sites look incorrect, or that there was improper procedure by the FAA or NORAD. I am very skeptical of anyone who has a paranormal claim that involves them being in bed/asleep at night. UFO’s are a questionable one, as I have seen one thing in my life that I cannot explain, but there have been many times over the years that I have been fooled for a few minutes to later find out that I am seeing something that is perfectly normal. There are also numerous misconceptions brought up in some threads, a good example being that something must be a UFO (even when by all other accounts it’s an aircraft) because it did not make any noise (aircraft noise is a complex issue which involves a lot of variables I don’t wish to discuss here).

When I have experienced strange things, the first thing that seems to happen as a rule is that it occurs so quickly that your initial reaction is one of shock not fear. There is normally not time to take any type of photograph or record anything. The next thing that goes through your mind is “did that really just happen”. For me at that point I start to look at anything that may have caused it to happen, I think about it, discuss it with people I trust who can bring up aspects I have never though of, and read up on things related to it before I decide that it was something out of the ordinary. If after all of that you still feel that you have experienced something paranormal, then you may have something. Most things will end up being something less then paranormal if you research other possible underlying causes. There are many out there, though, who do not take these steps because for some reason they really want the event to be paranormal, and they will fight with skeptics who point out anything to the contrary.

Too many people want to experience something paranormal so badly that they jump from the initial incident straight into the paranormal/CT angle, which is bad scientific procedure. Even worse you have people who wish to play on the paranormal/CT bandwagon because they have found that there is an audience out there who will be taken in by their claims, and provide a source of income. This last group falls heavily in the Chemtrail/911 truth movement/UFO/New Age crowds, but you will find these shams in other Conspiracy Theories as well.

Anyway, it’s healthy to be a skeptic, and if you are seriously wondering if something is paranormal, its good advice to find an knowledgeable, impartial skeptic to put your event to the test. However, there are some hardcore skeptics out there who will refuse to believe anything, EVER, and they can be just as bad as the two types of believers I mentioned above.

Hope that helps.

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 02:12 AM
I'm a skeptic because I've seen some seriously stupid things ponied up as evidence. Working with camerias, animals, computers, ect, I've seen a lot of normal things get marked paranormal, either because people honestly don't know, or because people want to get somethng from the believers.
I mean,if at any time in your life you've seen a story and gone "That's just stupid" congrats, at some part you're a skeptic.
Good skeptics will back up what they say, bad ones stick with "That's stupid."
I've had my opinions changed a few times, seen some videos that are hard to debunk or dismiss.
And, ultimately, if you can't defend your arguements, what right have you to present it anyway.
Aslo: The government sucks, doesn't mean we can't try to fix it.

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 07:10 AM
I think there are many different things here. I consider myself to be skeptical, but I am also open minded. A good example is with Aliens. I personally think there is a good chance there is life out there. I think there is a really good chance that over times in our history we have been visited. But when it comes to any 1 individual story I am extremely skeptical. Simply because anyone can make those things up.

I am more open minded to UFO sightings like the STS missions than I am to a blinking light in the sky. I am not saying the pictures/videos being shown aren't UFO's. I am skeptical because they can be faked if someone wants to devote enough time to something.

I don't see anything wrong with being skeptical. And even if I am skeptical of someone's claims, the story itself is sometimes interesting and brings about other questions I may have not thought about. About the only time I don't listen to the stories is when they make no logical/philosophical sense. I consider those pretty much not possible. But if someone's story is based on good logic and philosophy then I consider it possible and could have happened at one time or might possible happen.

But then you have the blind eye skeptics and debunkers. And I don't really care for them at all. I like a skeptic who thinks with their head. I seriously can't stand someone who looks for just any possible excuse as a way of dismissing everything. Like "trained observer", "swamp gas", "venus" arguments. I just consider them to be disinformation agents, knowingly or not. It's supposed to be the "other side of the argument", but in reality it's just a sleeping pill for anyone who wants to ignore/not deal with a topic. It doesn't take a NASA engineer to point out what the space shuttle looks like, a 5yr old can do it. So when I hear ridiculous arguments about "trained observers" it's not even close to being the other side, it's just the first excuse someone happened to think of. When these things are present in your argument, you're just spreading ignorance.

There's a big difference.

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by badmedia

I'm not saying being skeptical is a bad thing. I've just been exposed to a lot of truth at a young age so I believe in these conspiracy theories. I watched the twin towers collapse when I was in sixth grade. I don't believe most people have been traditionally throughout the course of our history been exposed to violence when they were at that age. I was more or less didn't care too much about it at the time. I didn't follow politics that much at one time. I thought it was irrelevant to me. I then realized how little I knew about politics and things about the government, how, school wasn't teaching me all the things that went on in the whitehouse and things like that. I was then determined to find out the truth behind what the government has done in the past and see if I believed in it or not. At first when I made my attempt to discover truth behind the government's actions I came across various basic realizations like the government is corrupt... etc... but then I got into the illuminati and David Icke stuff and I needed to back track from researching for a while. Now I can understand these ideas that are in the conspiracy world and why people have conspiracies and why they exist. I'm less skeptical now than I was before because I've seen them.

I don't think that just because they don't affect people's daily lives directly that they should really deny everything that goes on around them. I see some people and they're just clueless about life itself. They're clueless about the spiritual and metaphysical and physical forces that guide their life. I just don't think they have been exposed to the true nature of the world. How harsh it can be at times. They just pretty much take life for granted. I'm not saying it's wrong to be a skeptic but I'm just talking about the skeptics in the film industry and the people that you'll meet throughout life that will just be in utter denial of everything that goes on.

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