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Taoism In Science

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 12:41 AM
I hope this finds you guys well and not bordering on insanity due to all the damn arguing going on within this website right now. It seems like the closer we get to election day, the more vicious the mudslinging here becomes. There is a bloody fight about FLAGS going on. FLAGS! Can you believe that? I miss the days of honest discussion we used to have on this website.

Anyway, on to my point. I consider myself to "be" a Taoist in that I follow Lao Tzu's teachings and feel that it is the correct choice for myself. I also do traditional Shaolin Gung Fu, so I have the whole "monk" thing going on in a sense. Due to this sense, I have pretty odd convictions involving the nature of reality, humanity's place in the grand scheme of things, the human body, death, and concepts and phenomena foreign to most red-blooded Americans. For those of you not familiar with Taoism, it can basically be summed up by saying that: The entire Universe is connected by the Tao and all things come from the Tao (the Tao is the impersonal, subtle force that is behind the universe and all things; think the Force from Star Wars. Tao also means "The Way" in Chinese). And also, you and everything else IS the Tao; you are a part of God and vice versa. For those of you interested in learning more, here are some links that should be helpful. Tao Bums
Tao De Jing
Taoism Explained

The significance of this lies in my discovery on ATS earlier today. I found a video posted by another member (I apologize as I cannot recall his name) that instantly clicked with Taoism and also explains and has the potential to explain a great deal about our universe that mainstream science has no idea how to engage due to its inherent flaws. I was, needless to say, ecstatic and would like to share this. Here it is, enjoy and please comment back: Thunderbolts of The Gods

Note: Mods, the reason I posted this under paranormal is that it is indeed, to my understanding, what most people would consider paranormal as it opens up a broad range of topics such as various intelligent "disembodied" entities, "monsters", and possibly latent human "super powers" and extreme longevity.


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