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Barack Obama looks to Hillary Clinton for campaign boost

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 08:23 AM
It seems the Palin factor has the Obama camp worried..

As the Republican convention gives way to the final intense stretch of campaigning, Barack Obama will get a boost from a potentially powerful weapon against Sarah Palin's appeal: Hillary Clinton.

Obama's erstwhile Democratic rival is scheduled to appear on his behalf in the swing state of Florida on Monday. While both Obama and Clinton aides emphasise that the programme was set before the Republican vice-presidential nominee was chosen, some analysts and Democratic loyalists believe the former first lady is the person best equipped to take Palin down a peg.

"What McCain has done with Governor Palin's nomination is aim right at a demographic that Obama needs to address quickly: non-college-educated women," said Mike McCurry, who served as White House spokesman under Clinton's husband, Bill.

Run Obama... RUN!

If nothing else this campaign will be entertaining to watch, however, in the end, what change has come?

Politics as usual, with a new twist on racism and sexism... Made for prime time TV tabloid journalism FUN!


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