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No more postponement in US-Korea FTA ratification

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 10:30 PM
President Bush and Lee of Korea agreed to ratify the FTA between the US and Korea at their recent summit. However, the views that congress will postpone until the presidential elections are over which are worrisome.

The trend in the international society is to open up economies and a FTA between the US and Korea would prove best for both nations.

Needless to say, the FTA involves interests of both nations and there will always be sections where one country has to lose out.

There is no perfect deal where both sides are completely satisfied and as long we both agree that a bilateral FTA is crucial for economic development, there is no reason to keep postponing.

Moreover, if congress delays a matter agreed between the leaders of both nations involved, the reputation of and the confidence entrusted on the US may be undermined.


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