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Lucid dreaming!!!!

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posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 03:53 AM
Lucid Dreams or Astral Planes

Hey guys and girls..I have been trying to perfect my concious astral projection for many years, since i was a child actually i started to take an interest in the spiritual astral body and its capabilities if you will. I have succeded a few times but through different methods some wilingly and others without trying. Anyway ill get back to that, lately well for the last year or so have have been doing alot of lucid dreaming. As those of you who do it are aware it is a very soulful ,fun, exciting different way to spend your evenings asleep. lately though i fell that when im lucid in my dreams it is feeling more and more like when im actually out of my body like astral travelling. You know its a bit tricky to explain, its like when you are lucid in your dream you know you are dreaming and you are lucid but when you are in and "astral" state if you wanna calll it that you have a totally different perception of things, and a feeling of weightlessness kind of. Well the other morning i went to sleep and shortly after awoke in what seemed to be a temple of sorts somewhere in asia in a hall which was surounded by beds which were empty . I swear it i woke up lying on my back on this bed and opened my eyes and the first thing i thought was...hang on man this doesnt seem to be like a lucid dream , you know it was real, yet i didnt purposely try to asral project etc..So i woke up and could see a window without glass , just the frame the wall made of brick kind of dark . I could tell by the light and the sky outside it was early morning, that was when i looked to my sides and noticed the rows of empty beds. if anyone has ever done the camino de santiago or been to some kind of temple where monks live its like those kind of sleeping quaters. I sat up and new what was going on and thought man this is amazing. At the end of the hall were the beds were was a exit into a massive courtyard of some kind were i saw the backs of monks or im not sure what chanting and meditating, at which point i i shot back through the time loop or mirror world or dream. Now this is just a little something lately i have been having many many different dreams real experiences if you will, i have been places i have been travelling man and its getting cool, but this thread is not about normal dreams so please dont post your normal dreams or whatever ..this is about lucidity and whether it can be so strong that it can feel like you are in an "Astral state" if you know what i mean the other day i was in this lucid astral state and i have been reaching further and further limits within my mind and this universe. It is my wish to project to other planets and temples etc...but i am not naive and i know this takes years or possibly i am not even capable of this. Anyway gents lets hear what kind of experiences you have been through in these aspects, i find this a cool subject and dont meet alot of people who are into it like myself. Oh and mods please place this thread up so i can get replies i not like the other that was banished away cant seem to find the right forum for this. Thanks chaps


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posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 11:24 AM
Great so i must be one of a kind is difficult to find people who are experiencing the same thing..or who atleast speak about it

posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 04:51 PM
Thanks for your take on lucid dreaming...............for me I see it as real experience in an unreal place.

My dreaming has never been about being in another place because its been real. Ive always been able to go back to a dream too, in fact I did this today...........was about tennis and i got back there (freaky I know)

so no i dont go astral but ive no doubt others do.

works for me

posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 06:17 AM
cool thanks for your reply ..just thought thered be more people who practice lucid dreaming..strange its quite an amazing experience

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