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Weird dream and maybe a message for someone else.

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posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 12:04 AM
Hello, after thinking for a while about this, i decided to just post the hole thing and move along.

It kind of keeps bothering me a lot because i have a feeling i must say something, maybe, those who need to understand will. the rest just keep moving on

I had a dream, so to speak, about an hour ago, it went like this:

After having a very regular sleep, i often end up in a completely unrelated, unexpected place/situation at the end of the dream, the last one being today.

I was standing on a big cavern, where there was a small lake with a little bit of ground at the center, like a small island, inside the cavern, there was flowers and stuff like that, very clear water, i was looking at all these things, when i sensed something else, i turned to look at the border of the little island and saw two things, one, there was something like a statue, or an entity, ebony black, very clean and perfect, with something like red eyes, it was like it was made out of either very black polished metal or some ceramic not sure, it had something like red, robotic eyes, and was staring at me, no movement nothing, just standing there looking at me, then, at his side, there was what looked like a very old piece of clothes, white clothes, or at least should have been white at some point, now it was very dirty, very old, just lying there on the floor, next to this thing, there was nothing else, i stared to the object, then to the piece of clothe, then i felt a very weird sensation inside myself, like a very disturbing sadness that would not go away, all the happiness was being drawn away very slowly, i could feel a lot of my faith going away, and just one feeling came to me at that time, "it has happened" and i woke up.

After waking up, i got up, feeling very rested, very strong, like after a very good night sleep, just this emptiness keeps bothering me, something feels wrong inside, and this need to say something, but no idea where or to who, so i just post here and let it go away like a bottle in the sea, if there is a message here, hope it reaches those who must know, whatever it is.

Feel free to say anything, i just will try to explain the best i can, but please remember, it could mean nothing the same as it could mean lots, so lets just keep it here for anyone interested to read.




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