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The Job Conspiracy

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posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 11:47 AM
Definition: A job can be working for someone or working for yourself.

1. What is the current job that is in high demand in the U.S.?

2. Why is it in high demand? Like: Because it occupies most of your time to where you have less free time on your hands? Because what it takes is more schooling to get it that costs you a lot? Because somebody doesn't want the easier jobs that dont require much to get started into that dont put you away from plenty of free time to ever be in high demand? Because it recycles a preventable problem that is being kept and given knowingly? Because it is easier for you to get fired in or sued in? Etc?

3. What do you think is the job(s) that the government, or even the elite, surely don't want you to have? What kind of obsticles are put in the way to it(them) by the gov or elite that you can think of? What would be the solutions to bybass the obsticles?

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posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 12:45 PM
I can only give an opinion based on my personal experience.

We are currently in a global recessionary economy.
That means we are in a global business cycle currently experiencing (on average - there are localized exceptions) an overall negative growth in the demand for sales, services. The unusual aspect of this occurring is that we are seeing a growth in demand of commodity goods. (Things such as wheat, oil, metals, lumber, ect).

Therefore this recession cycle is unique regarding one important aspect.
An increasing demand for goods is being driven by a world wide increase in population, and yet the Job growth is remaining flat to meet this increase in demand, largely due to the new efficiencies brought about by automation technologies.

Therefore the primary growth in jobs will be apparent in two major sectors:
1) Automation technology
2) Non automated public services.

Automation Technology: We will continue to see strong demand for technically skilled automation enablers such as IT workers, Robotics engineers, Technology Education, and Technology Managers. This will continue until the mid-century when artificial intelligence replaces these workers as well.

Non-automated public services includes all jobs which can not or currently have been automated. This includes all jobs requiring intelligent social interaction, intelligent analysis, strategic thinking and problem solving. This also includes occupations which supply all teaching and training needs for a new highly skilled workforce.

Personally speaking, I do see a large need to keep a highly skilled workforce healthy and productive, therefore those entering the medical field will continue to experience job stability and growth until these jobs are replaced by AI technologies during the mid-century.

The technical teaching occupations will have a drastic shift to authoring e-courses rather than teaching in outmoded class rooms, and the instructors -university model will die off in the face of e-classroom learning.

I would also add that due to the increase in social disruption of displaced labor workers, there will be a surge in demand for those in the incarceration/correctional facilities, and private police/mercenary/security/para-military occupations

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