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Friend to Friend - A Brotherhood Undivided.

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posted on Jan, 8 2003 @ 09:02 PM
I ran across this, which I had never known about, a most touching memorial in the Gettysburg Memorial.

Ten years ago, Freemasonry made history as the only private organization ever to erect an Official Monument in a United States National Park.

The Friend to Friend, A Brotherhood Undivided Masonic Memorial is a sad story actually, at least I find it touching

The memorial captures the moment in time when mortally wounded Confederate General, Lewis A. Armistead, entrusts his Masonic Gold Watch to Union Major General Winfield S. Hancocks's aide, with regrets, and a final gesture of brotherhood. The Aide I am sure was Union Captain Bingham.

Here are some links I found, even has pictures

Well there you have it, it's nice to know that after the world's nations explode and divide over and over, there'll be some unity left among us in the form of Freemasonry as well as KofC and other tight knit groups whom owe their alliegance to their countries but their lives to eachother.

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