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Spinoff from the "seeing energy" thread, I can feel it also.

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 10:56 PM
Sorry I am new here so not sure if this is in the correct section.

For those that have read the recent thread about the person saying they can see energy that look like particles or static well I see that but mine are constantly moving and look like either horizontal or verticle wavy lines or grids. But when I look at any part of my body i get this very stringy barely visible white/blue translucent wavyness around it.

Anyways the point of this thread is that I can also seem to FEEL the energy too, but only within myself and not exerting it outwards. I cannot move anything nor do I have any influence on anything around me but at any given moment I can pinpoint parts in my body by thinking about it. I have been practicing on my organs and trying to locate by internally .. 'touching' them. Its not so much as a touch rather than a fuzzy sensation that i feel in a fist sized area or smaller. I tried to do this as fast as i could with random parts of the body and its about half a second to gather enough thought to get a certain location.

I suppose you could call it chakra as some people call it.

Anyone else feel this?
Sorry if i was confusing

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