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I want Up! Who wants down?

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 05:53 PM
I'm sorry, I couldn't help spawning a title name as such. However here's some thoughts to make the title worthwhile!

Why is it always that other guy? Why is it always "THEM", the "NWO", the "Shadow Governments", the boogymen in the darkness?

Why is it always the other guy? Why are you not percieved by yourself as the negitive force? Might it be because of your egotisim? Might it not be because you are all you really know?

Might it not be that you fear the darkness within yourself and instead of facing it you rather project it onto a illusionary group or charactor?

THEY are real , but they live in you.

The Consparicy of truth is it isn't the other guy, it is you.

Why are you the "hero"? Why is it you want what is "Right" while others plot against you?

You make your own Consparicies. But I'm sure those that really need read this has stopped reading by now because I'm not calling the president, or banks, or "THEM", the devil.


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