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Implications of Multi-Dimensional Cosmic Change PART ONE

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 06:17 PM
I would like to take this opportunity to offer a theory in brief for those in the scientific community and others to consider. This theory, if indeed it were true, would have a direct bearing on man’s (and other beings?) understanding of, and preparations for, what some believe will be a “change in the cosmic climate” taking place now or in the relatively near future. I offer this point of view based on my understanding that the universe is very profound and multi-dimensional in structure, its celestial bodies exist in relation to one another, and that the universe itself undergoes processes of evolutionary change. I do not claim to be an expert or even a student in the field of astrophysics or in any other field of science for that matter, and quite frankly, my background from the perspective of contemporary science would be considered more philosophical or spiritual in nature. So you may consider this a disclaimer.

However, let me begin by suggesting that we human beings live in a particular physical dimension of time-space that is delimited at the microcosmic level by molecules and delimited at the macrocosmic level by stars and other celestial bodies. The space or distance between these “particles” appears to be very vast to us, and by and large this is the space we have always been living in, have been traveling in and have been exploring. At this “level” of existence, there also exist other complex structures of dimensions of time-space in parallel such that manifestations of the reality that we live in and its scenes are also reflected in these other dimensions. For example, throughout a certain range of dimensions the reality of our world would exist in its near-present state, past state and future state, as these are parallel time-space dimensions. Within the concept of time travel, the theory is that a person or object makes a jump from one parallel dimension of time-space to another.

So when I use the term “multi-dimensional cosmic change,” I am in fact referring to a shift, an evolution, or otherwise a change in physical state that affects not only the physical dimension in which we live, but entire spans of parallel dimensions, entire groups of complex interconnected dimensions, and/or the reality in numerous dimensions both within and beyond our knowledge.

First Implication: Not A Common Changing of the Age

Many scientists believe that human civilizations have existed on earth during different periods of history that predate our modern mankind. Remnants of “pre-historic” cultures have been found on nearly all of the major continents and, in some cases, below the oceans. Some people thus believe that catastrophic or cataclysmic events all but wiped out these ancient civilizations, leaving a small number of survivors in different regions who then gave rise to civilization again. Some speculate that the earth’s continental plates shifted, others believe there were earthquakes or floods, others suggest that another celestial object collided with the earth causing the extinction of living beings. However it happened, some archeologists believe that these cataclysmic changes took place on multiple occasions, perhaps even in cycles, as evidenced by these civilizations’ remains.

However, even if catastrophic/cataclysmic changes did take place in ancient history, they would not inherently need to be changes that also occurred beyond our physical dimension. The molecular structure of this dimension and of human beings would not necessarily be altered with the changing of the age. Human beings who survived the transition period from one age to the next would live in their normal state just as before, and a similar civilization would start anew.

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 06:18 PM
Multi-dimensional change, by comparison, would have a fundamentally different impact upon the earth an humankind. Imagine first of all that cataclysmic change might take place not only on our planet, but on other planets and celestial bodies as well, being a process of change on a more cosmic rather than global scale. Now go a step further and ponder fundamental changes taking place simultaneously at sub-molecular planes of existence, sub-atomic planes of existence, and other dimensions of time-space linked to ours. The outcome of such a change could ultimately have a near infinite number of variables and would seem to be all but impossible to predict.

Second Implication: Not Only Surface Particles Would Be Affected by Change, Sub-Molecular Particles Could Also Be Affected

As alluded to above, multi-dimensional cosmic change would in all likelihood affect the biophysical composition of living beings within relevant dimensions. For example, if hydrogen and oxygen atoms were to be restored to a higher state of purity, or their state were otherwise affected, then we would find that water (composed of H2-O molecules) would itself undergo a fundamental change. As a consequence, all living beings would likely experience (or would need to experience) a process of change in order to adapt to a fundamentally different state within our dimension.

So whereas in the past, survivors of global or cosmic change were those who by fate or by design evaded a catastrophe, in the event of a multi-dimensional process of change, such evasive measures would be rendered inconsequential, since changes would be due to take place within the actual living beings themselves. In other words, one would not be able to elude particles that compose his or her very being, and might not be able to adapt well to the evolved state of their dimension even if he/she could.

To be continued...

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posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 01:29 PM
Third Implication: Groups of Interconnected Time-Space Dimensions Could Change Categorically

As described previously, dimensions of time-space that are interconnected can reflect the same or similar manifestation of reality at different points in time from past, to present, to future. I have also heard parallel time dimensions described as existing much like the annual rings of a tree, whereby time is moving more quickly towards the center dimensions, while time is progressing more slowly towards the outer edge. So these interlinked dimensions display a continuum of time from past to present to future from our perspective.

Dimensions of time are relative. In some dimensions time moves very fast, in others much more slowly. However, if change indeed takes place on a macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic scale, it would affect entire spans of time-space dimensions whereby change is not only reflected in our current dimension, but across all affected dimensions near-simultaneously. So the past, present and future each experiences change—the past conditions are no longer the same, the present conditions are no longer the same, and the future conditions are no longer the same. Predictions of the future and even the transpired history of the future would no longer be valid. So even if psychics and those with certain abilities can now claim, “I have seen the future! I know what the future will be like!” What they have seen would be manifestations of the future prior to its categorical change. This depiction of the future may not be the actual impending reality.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 02:27 PM
Hypothesis: The Universe is a Living Being, Existing in Numerous Dimensions and Undergoing Bio-Physical Changes Not Unlike Our Bodies’ Metabolic Process of Cellular Renewal

As I believe some scientists have already observed, changes have been taking place within the range of the Milky Way galaxy that involve the fundamental composition of matter itself. Enormous celestial bodies have been observed to rapidly disintegrate or undergo an equally rapid and even more astounding process of reformation. At the same time, new celestial bodies and even systems of stars, have been generated. In actuality, this process of cosmic change is affecting enormous spans of the cosmos and many, many time-space dimensions on both micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic levels. It is also affecting the bio-physical composition of matter from its very origin.

So while scientists speak of earth changes involving dramatic seismic activity or even a shift of the physical poles in accordance with the normal 26,000-year cycle of our solar system passing through the central galactic plane, I believe that what we are observing is something fundamentally different and something more enormous. If we are willing to entertain the idea that our universe is actually a living being with its own bio-physical processes of evolution and regeneration, I believe we might find some parallel to the current process of cosmic transformation in our own bodies’ process of metabolism and generation of new cells.

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