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Bohemian Grove attendee Brian Williams

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posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 11:46 PM
I know it's Summertime and everyone deserves a vacation, but I perked up on this Friday's, July 18th, NBC national news normally hosted by Brian Williams, but Ann Curry was filling in. Just a coincidence that it's Bohemian Grove time?
I noticed he was M.I.A. during the Bilderburg con-fab in Viriginia (that's when Obama/Clinton were having their meeting a stone's throw from that hotel in Chantilly, Virginia.)
Williams is an unabashed CFR member.
Bush was in California too meeting w/the governor and looking at fires - was that before or after his visit to the Bohemian love-fest?
It seems to me that now that courageous souls like Alex Jones, et al are bringing this all out - they're getting more brazen themselves. This attitude is troubling as it - it's like "catch us if you can nee.. na.. nee" (childhood goading).
It may also signal that things are in place for, as Ron Paul has said, something "really big" is about to come down.
I can just literally feel it in the air and others are commenting about it too.
That's why the conventions and all their fluff and expense is just another ruse for the comatose. Both Obama and McCain are the most blantant puppets for the secret elite to ever been put forth on the American people. Again, the real power brokers just don't care anymore and put little energy into their selection process.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 01:32 AM
Someone in another thread mentioned Bush, his trip to CA, and the Bohemian Grove thing yesterday. I am ashamed to admit, I had never researched this Bohemian Grove thing until last night. Thanks to the other poster, I was up until 3 a.m. and still had to get up for the gym at 6!

What got me the most is this, even if this is just a bunch of redneck yahoos meeting every year to worship an owl, how freaking bizarre is that. Now imagine that it's true that our top elite and presidents attend this thing. Why?

I don't understand how the conservative republicans can run on "family values/Christian values" yet attend an event like this. I am really amazed that people (conservatives) overlook this kind of behavior (worshiping an owl, burning bodies in effagy) in their beloved republican polititians.

Edit to add: I understand that democrats attend this as well, but I have yet to see a democrat run for office on " Conservative Christian values"!

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 07:27 PM
As somebody who has attended the grove many times I can tell you that all the speculation is a bunch of nonsense. The club is made up of artists, playwrights, musicians, scientists, actors, and various other types of creative types, and yes a planeload, actually several, planeloads of movers and shakers.

The whole thing with the cremation ceremony is simple. A bunch of really awesome musicians and technical people and corporate types who have a passion for acting or singing or performing, put together a kick ass production that symbolizes the banishing of all the crap that comes along with the rat race.

You are not allowed to discuss business that is not "club business", cell phones are banned, ditto computers, its a chance for guys to enjoy the company of guys in a totally non gay or creepy way. Except for the 10-15% of gay men who I suspect are members or whatever the percentage is in society at large. Its really amazing to hear a lecture on physics by a top NASA egghead then 20 minutes later hear Steve Miller or Bob Weir jamming.

Basically its like rush week at the worlds coolest University and you are BMOC everybody is super cool super friendly and super drunk. The only guy I encountered who was a bit of a dick was Hank Kissinger.

Anybody doubting my veracity may ask me any kind of test question.


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