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Dr. John Hagelin and CERN

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:15 AM
This may have been explored already, but either way, it needs to be shown again, and again, and again.

This is what "enlightenment" is. The conscious minds recognition of its place in the infinite. Basically the field that connects all physical particles in existence is referred to beautifully as an ocean of pure potentiality.

Here's the overview.

When studying the infinite (space) it's much easier to observe the infinitely small (quantum mechanics) opposed to the infinitely large (astrophysics). This lead to the discovery of the Unified Field.

When you look into a particle all the way down to what they call the Planck Scale, a size where no matter how much further you look in, you always see the same image inside the same image. In essence it is the smallest scale possible. At the Planck Scale level they have observed a fractal, which is an image within itself, within itself, within itself, etc.

This underlying pattern, or "field" is what connects everything in the world. Every particle comes from this sea of repeating pattern, and the pattern is the same in every particle.

Fundamentally we all are derived from this pattern, or field, that connects everything. If we take a step back and realize that 99.999999999999% of everything in this physical world (matter) is comprised of space. Pure, empty, Space. This space itself is composed of this field.

Now, the way this field works is that sound waves, vibrations, pass through the field, causing actual waves within this field. These waves give rise to singularities which become the building blocks of matter. There are different levels of the physical world, meaning, particle physics, nuclear physics, atomic physics etc. These all explain how the physical worlds manifested from this ocean work.

So what we have is a world of pure potential and intelligence. It is the center of all intelligence in the Universe, it truly is all knowing, all powerful, it is the creator itself, but lets not get into any of that for now.

This field is comprised of tiny strings, hence the name, "string theory". these tiny tiny strings are what feel the vibrations in this "ocean". They vibrate and in turn give rise to the singularities that form the physical world.

The reason the field is referred to as pure potentiality or pure intelligence is that we ourselves are composed of atoms, and these atoms are the building blocks for maintaining our minds and intelligence itself. These atoms find their source to be this field.The lowest level of composition. This field itself gives these atoms the ability to interact and us the ability to gain/possess knowledge. The implications of this is that the field itself maintains all knowledge discovered, ever, ever. As well as all knowledge that does not exist yet. It is the impossible, the possible, the probable, the observed, the unobserved. As stated by Dr Hagelin, it is an ocean of pure potentiality. It can be everything, and nothing.

Now, where do we as humans fit in. What we need to grasp is that consciousness itself is something we all share. The concept of I, myself, we, being alive, being awake, sleeping. All of our states of consciousness are formed from this ocean. The best example given is that if you take a source, call it a source of light (flashlight). And you shine this flashlight through an opaque vase. The vase will bend and transmit the light. It will not be the same light, because it has been modified by the vase. However, it is the vases reflection of the source itself.

We operate in much the same way in relation to this sea of potentiality. The brain waves that our mind creates are identical to the waves that alter the unified field. Vibrations on the tiniest scale that can not be felt, heard or seen. They are what you have heard refer to as brain waves. The consciousness that we exist in, our concept of being alive, is given rise to from the unified field.

Cont. in next post

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:44 AM
Our nervous system acts as the filter to consciousness, displaying only that which we allow to be displayed. What this means, is that the more we define our physical reality, the more we squeeze the laws of physics to get an answer to everything, the answer to the universe slips through our fingers, and we end up with the abstract, and more abstraction, and more abstract ideas, and more abstract ideas until you reach a level of pure abstraction, and that is what the unified field is, pure abstract potential. A sea of pure potentiality.

What has been discovered, and known by the Great Vedic masters in India, and Transcendentalists everywhere for ages, is that our consciousness itself, and the field that unifies all particles in existence, are the same thing. We live in a world created by the consciousness of ourselves. This means we truly are the son of god, we are offshoots of this consciousness manifested in a 3 dimensional reality that we call home, earth, solar system, galaxy, universe, etc. We are all gods children, however, we are also all god itself. We each have the entire blueprint of all creation, ever, inside of our bodies themselves. We are formed by the physical world manifested by the consciousness we share. Many people have walked the earth and spoken of this. Jesus, Muhammad, Horus, Buddhists, Hindus, Hindi, all of the ancient religions speak of the temple of the body, of the kingdom of heaven being within us. This is all quite literally true.

This brings me back to enlightenment. Through the ages enlightenment has been the individuals recognition that we are all the same thing. We are one with the Universe, with each other, with god, we are all the same entity. We feel separate because the consciousness we feel in the ego manifests itself as an individual separating us from that which we all control, consciousness and in turn through our consciousness the Universe.

There is much more I can talk about on any of these topics. I have posted links below to video interviews with Dr. John Hagelin, one of the Primer physicists at the CERN LHC in Europe and the uniter of the fields to discover this Universal truth hidden from all mankind for so long. He explains everything I have touched on and truly is a great mind.

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Please do post replies, or send U2Us with any question you have no matter how silly or complicated, the only way to better understand this discovery is to openly discuss it.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:59 AM
Great post!

I remember him from 'What The Bleep', and thanks for the links, I'll check them out.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:21 PM
Good post. Super string theory and its predecessor String theory have always ebbed and flowed in my mind. I was just a young teenager when I first heard the high-level explanation of the theory. I experience moments of clarity, in terms of the theory's existence, such as when studies and experiments are published that seem to validate the unified system. Other times I have a hard time coming to grips with it's existence because we're using our own terms and definitions of our reality to define it. It makes sense to us, which makes me uncertain about it at times.

I think it's a great theory, but I think we still have a long way to go. Hope to hear your response! Thanks again for a great post!

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 01:44 PM

Originally posted by PortableModel
Other times I have a hard time coming to grips with it's existence because we're using our own terms and definitions of our reality to define it. It makes sense to us, which makes me uncertain about it at times.

What a brilliant statement that truly is.

The confines that we place on our reality is an interesting topic when we are talking about something as complicated as the unified field.

What research done tells us, is that anything is possible. We exist in, and are part of, an ocean of potentiality. This means we can do anything if we try the right way. However, we run into a catch 22 when we start defining the system that allows this. This is because if we truly exist in a world of pure potential and intelligence, then we should be able to define the system through which the phenomena operates in any way we choose. Confining the system to an actual shape, form, design, construct of any sort actually goes against what that system represents, a world of limitless possibility.

So, as I said, your statement is truly brilliant.

The reason I have chosen to explore the strong possibility of this system is the underlying mathematics that confirm the theory. My entire life I have been an avid mathematician. I wasn't always the best, but I sure do love the science of mathematics. The best way to describe this is that, when you multiply 6 X 8 you get 48, not 47, or 49, or 68. You get 48, there is a right answer and there are wrong answers. There is no middle ground. This tells me that if Dr. Hagelin can confirm his theory with mathematic equations that say this field exists and operates in a specific way, I have to agree because all I've ever learned about math is that an equation either works, or it doesn't.

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