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Interlink to the Dark Pages of the Past

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 07:10 AM
By early 2007, at preparatory stage of the Slovenian chairmanship in the UNMIK, I needed to study deeper the historical origin, the genesis of Kosovo problem. Just to be up to the standard, you know. First of all I've surfed throughout Internet, come by some books, and even kept returning to library. But it was no more then a background. The essential knowledge I have gathered speaking to visiting diplomats. In heart-to-heart talks they usually were constraintless to state the opinion totally reverse to their country's official position.

For example, they pointed out that since olden days the Albanians managed to turn a third party to their account making it help them to achieve their arrogant nationalist ambition - to form the "Greater Albania". This idea was underbuilt as early as 1878 by the Prizren League. It envisaged integrating into Albania several adjoining regions: Kosovo and Metohia, Western part of Macedonia, Southern Montenegro. The intention laid special stress not on violent territory seizing, but on supplanting local population by Albanians. During the World War II the Albanians have reanimated the idea. They envisaged to implement it with the help of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Let's find out the main point of this old story.

After having occupied Albania in 1939 fascist Italy instituted a collaboration regime there not just without meeting any resistance, but rather enjoying full support. After Hitler's' invasion to Yugoslavia by autumn 1941 the greater part of Kosovo and Metohia territory was passed to Albania. Entering Kosovo jointly with Italian troops there were the Albanian collaboration military units right away reinforced with Kosovars (local Albanians). At once ethnic cleansing of all non-Muslims have begun. However the Italians being well aware of the Albanians' exceptional atrocity, did not let them "overstep the bounds" and tried to hold back pogroms, at least in towns.

But Mussolini regime collapsed, and the Italians, after making peace with allied forces September 8, 1943, have withdrawn their troops. They were replaced with Hitlerites. Then it was the "hour of triumph" of the Albanian nationalists, because the Germans had nothing in common with humanity at all. Hammered along with Serbs - the principal enemy of Albanians - were Gypsies and Jews as well. So Kosovars understood how to comply with their national socialist protectors' support. Then Hitler has personally ordered to form within SS troops the 21st mountain division "Skanderbeg" designed to secure the creation of Greater Albania without "defective" ethnic groups. The division counted nine thousand men, many of them have already gained combat experience serving in Bosnian or Croatian SS divisions. But fighters from the Skanderbeg division did not want to get truly engaged with standing army at all, so they preferred to concentrate on the civilians. By September 1943 Kosovar Jafer Deva under the guidance of Nazi administration establishes the Second Prizren League and declares holy war to all infidels with the backing of hajji Amin al Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to whom Hitler gave personal order to eliminate all the Jews in the Middle East. This policy resulted in moving more then one hundred thousand Serbs and other ethnic minorities people out of Kosovo. Certainly, Albanians took their places. So, today's Albanian majority in Kosovo is but the outcome of Nazis' and Albanian collaborators' activities.

But would it be valid to relate the Albanian collaborators of the World War II to the contemporary "fighters for independence"? More then valid. The methods stay the same. And the main emblem of all the Albanians - a black double-headed eagle on red background - was the insignia of "Skanderbeg", SS 21st mountain division. Apparently, once accepting this symbol, they could not resist to take along the ideology of those Albanian collaborators who wanted to build the Greater Albania on the blood of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies with the backing of Hitler and Mussolini.

Independence of Kosovo and progressing creation of Islamic nationalist quasi-state in the South of Europe - that is exactly the plan of Ottoman Empire, the founder of Albania, the plan being fulfilled by the Western democracies themselves.

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