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Implication to an order

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:51 PM
What is implied by a drawing of a pyramid with one open eye in the top part lefted up?

Pyramid is a superstructure. Pyramid with a part lifted up leaves the main portain as a foundation, and the other part lifted up as a roof.

The answer may be in antonym form.

How about a sealed and completed pyramid with a shut eye?

That would indicate that someone or somebody is experiencing darkness and is blind to the outside in whatever is going on.

The pyramid with the open eye raised is on the dollar bill. Whatever or whoever the one eye is looking at it wont always keep looking at it or them. The eye seems to act looking at you through the sky. The raised part indicates through the sky. The eye seems to not look at itself in who or what it is at all. Who it is could be imprisoned in part and going to get imprisoned in full in a new world order.

"Once we shoot Dre punk ass, we out of the closet"--Makaveli

Antonym/anagram antonym: "Once we shoot blue rider wise, we in of the closet"--I (Body) am (act) alive k or V (roman numeral 5) I (body) am (act) alike.

Shoot doesnt mean with a gun only, it means also film or photo with a camera to expose.

Anyway, the "in of the closet" part means something gets closed shut. Take the "t" on closet and replace it with "d" and you get closed. How fitting isnt it since they have something in common?

According to Revelation's antonym translation Satan shall act bound in of her (original's) prison. his = image. her = original. You'd see why in the antonym translation since the image of the beast = the original of the beauty.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by Mabus

ok, im going off topic here but you never answered what your june 4/11 crap meant and what actually took place

can you revisit that before posting more stuff that is hard to follow

thanks a mucho

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