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Trigger on the future

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 10:53 AM
Advanced weaponry does not always mean advance technology, but harnessing the most ancient powers of the universe.

The advances of our technology on the planet Earth have been based with and spurred on by our reliance on electricity. The building block of our society, has painted a target on us for easy enslaving, and the greys are aware of this.

An average human does not go a day without interacting with an electrical functioning device. Think about your day so far, how would it have differed if no electricity was involved. The social, economic impact of this has balled up our society into an easy to dispose of unit.

Do I have any answers to change this? no ....

My answers rely on harnessing the ancient technologies of the universe...gravity, force, solar, hydrogen. These eminent powerful forces serve our universe en mass, and are utilized to near perfection by the most advanced and intelligent races.

Look into the future of earth, and push away from the mental chains that bind us. Our young societies potential has not even been scratched, be a free thinker..don't always accept what is given to you as "truth" judge things for yourself, and always realize you can do something that no one has done before.

A one dimensional society will fall in a 4 dimensional universe

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