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Are You a Puppet?

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posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 11:40 PM
I think to some extent, we are all. But I also feel that there is something unique about our "human souls" that gives us the ability to be far more ... in fact, to transcend the whole idea of puppet/master paradigms. One thing that has really resonated with me is the music of the Incredible String Band. Now, if you are not into psychedelic folk rock and new age ideas, you might want to abandon this thread now... this band was somewhat influential during their days (60s or so, if I recall correctly) but never achieved real mainstream success. You can find some songs and documentaries on YouTube if you're not familiar.

What I want to talk about here is their "Puppet Song," which I find a very fitting parable for reality. It reminds me of the Hesse novel Siddhartha in a very tangential way, maybe only because both have heavily influenced my own world view (i.e. reflected my own experiences in a meaningful way.) This was recorded as part of the album "U: A Surreal Parable in Song and Dance," which is a very deep metaphysical album and almost every song resonates with some things I have felt.

I will give the disclaimer here that, from what I've read, the band was into Scientology when they wrote this album...but never never became members of the cult as far as I know. This doesn't bother me, as I feel that there is alot of truth in the Scientology teachings, but like every mainstream religion or obscure cult, the truth has been exploited by those who serve the "control machine". I agree with Scientologists that earth was seeded from another plaent and I agree that technology (such as their E-meters) may be useful in clearing "blocks" that hide our divine/ET natures from us. But I cannot endorse anything that turns into an organized religion and/or asks for money for "enlightment." But all of that is completely aside from their ideas, which may be so effective in recruitment because they are TRUE (just like Christianity has enslaved so many because its most basic beliefs are TRUE even if much of what the organized religion teaches is just a way to control the populace.)

Puppet Song
By Robin Williamson

Now you may have observed if you walk into a wall
you get a certain sensation of reality
when you take a look through your memory book
you may perceive a certain rhythmic regularity
the crazy things your mind gets up to when you're away
throwing clouds of rain over brightest day

there was once a little man
he worked all day and slept all night
he looked at the sun
it didn't seem bright, it didn't seen right
he wondered did the world go rolling along on its own
or did some spirit move it with a black cat bone
and he set out to find the causes behind
the events in the world
and the seasons of the mind

so he asked his wife about it, and his wife said yes
come back and see me if it's time to know less
you do too much aquestioning of the world at large
everybody knows the politician's in charge

so he went to the Kinghouse just the next day
to see that politician with his hair dyed grey
jump down turn around blow you up or kiss the ground
trying to be the president of the land so gay
he had false pretendies, I had to love his style
bound to make some havoc with that violin smile
hey, Salvador Dali, make a walking talking something
you paint some freaky pictures, make a likeness of that man
muchos dollars if you can

so the little man asked the politician who makes the plan
who makes the plan, what happens to me
and who has the key

now you are asking me who makes the scene
his highness King Gold and Madam Silver his queen
they keep it all arustling with the dollars and pounds
and everyone knows that money makes the world go round

so the little man asked King Gold and Madam Silver
come tell me what you can
and King Gold said, lifting his golden voice from his golden bed

now money is something, it's a basic flow
and me I am the archetype of jewels and dough
I do a lot of talking both slow and fast
but me make decisions, no of course it's the past
for the past is something, we all have some
and universal history is a bundle of fun
now I'm getting sleepy, starting to nod
if you want to check the picture, want to check the picture
want to check it, check it with God

so the little man climbed up on a rickety ladder, to the heavenly lands
and he shed a tear, 'it's all so queer and it doesn't seem clear'

now God was sitting easy in a heavenly chair
breathing deep and lazy on the heavenly air
the little man got near him just to get right from wrong
said 'God are you responsible for all that goes on'
God looked up from having a heavenly think
he gave that little questioner a heavenly wink, saying

'men have coloured me with the colours of their minds
so I find
they used me as an excuse for all kinds of goofs
and for crimes of all kinds
all your so hard facts painted thinly on the void
why were you not more pleasantly employed
anything you want to do, I'm happy if you make it go right
and it's true if it makes you happy you know it makes the
world more bright
and you shall have liberty
it always was yours anyway
you're one of my kind, you're an infinite mind
you make each new day
there's nothing more I can say'

... have to hear the song to full appreciate it, but anyone who shares ideas close to mine (I won't say beliefs because the only belief I believe in is meta-belief, a tool to be used and discarded at will) may appreciate it. I would suggest looking into other songs from this album.

The song Invocation, particularly, is very important, especially to those who feel some resonance with paganism. Time, Hiram Pawnitoff, and Robot Blues are amongst some of the other songs that I think best exemplify the true nature of reality. U Lyrics

I am not one to make gurus of anyone. I am sure the ISB views are just as distorted as those of other "occult" visionaries such as Led Zeppelin, Tim Leary, Aleister Crowley, Phil Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, the band Coil, etc... but since reality IS a hologram, we must remember that we are all looking at different angles of the same truth which ultimately cannot be divided.

OK, am I way out there? Maybe. But I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by shipovfools
OK, am I way out there? Maybe. But I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.

Imho you might be a little out there because I read your post many times and I still have trouble understanding exactly what you'd "love to hear some thoughts on." Besides a reacurring puppet theme I really see no rhyme or reason to the op nor can I comprehend a general idea of what a coherent response would be...

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 11:28 PM
You know...I think you are right. I was thinking about this earlier today and wondered what I was thinking last night. That's what happens when you spend all night drinking too much whiskey and rocking out to old school obscure psychedelic bands. It felt very spiritually significant at the time but now it seems a bit silly. The music still moves me just as much, but I don't know why I felt the need to post about it. Maybe I was just looking for others who enjoyed the music or were otherwise willing to look into it for some sort of metaphysical insight. But then again, I can find synchronicity in just about anything in front of me, so maybe this was a pointless exercise.

Oh well...

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 11:42 PM
I didn't mean to rain on your parade. I guess I was just as bored as you were and decided to write something since nobody else had. So, am I a puppet..? You pulled strings and I moved! Guess I'm the only one on this whole site.

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