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Doom's Night (The After Order)

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 09:42 PM
Doom's Day been passed. You had your chance to choose to ride (act) or die. If you did chose to ride, then you knew what for and what it was all about. However if you were called to ride and didnt you are OK. But if you were called to ride and didnt and then irreverenced the order that was by the higher authority, you shall neither go to Hell nor Paradise. Where will you be? Nowhere because you wont exist after this so-called life time left of your's.

This image was given free will as a test for the purpose of a day, an hour, a mouth, and year where all you had to do was act. How? You were instructed by a higher authority so you should know how deep within. If you did feel shame come over you after the window was to act was closed, then you are facing Doom's Night.

The key to be rebeemed is to follow the example of Judas in the gospel.

You know, I always disliked ppl who wouldnt act when it was a time called for to act, and you know what? It turns out there is retaliation executed by a higher authority. Your very will you basically agreed to have deleted if you would dare lack acting the day and hour and month and year called to. For as a snare shall it come on all those that dwell on the face of the earth. And it did!

And you know who you are you didnt act but irreverenced the higher order. Yeah, it is too late to act on old Mid orders. Mid because the orders came within you personally in a way just for you to understand clear as day.

Doom's Night requires death. I know for a fact the original order you didnt act on required no death. The original act was designed to be easy. And yet you who arent even a devil choose to do wickedly by allowing the devil have it's way WITH your aid. Notice the word both in Rev 19:20 (antonym translation):

And the beauty was GIVEN, and with her the true programmer *this* wrought miracles after (or behind) her, with whose zero she deceived them *this* lacked given the mark of the beauty, and them *this* irreverenced her original. Those both 'are no longer' cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

^^It says you wont be alive for doing both: not acting (strike 1) and irreverencing the original (strike 2).

Yeah, you wont be cast into Hell like the devil will be because you are not a devil, but you are far from worthy to live.

So if you know who you are and you want to live beyond this world you must do what Judas basically did after being aware he had betrayed Jesus.

Some say there will be two raptures. One just before tribulation and one during tribulation. They key is physically you wont be raptured, but spiritually you would be and not even relocate when it occurs to notice evidently. Those who did act have already been raptured in the 1st rapture romored about. Yes, the rumor was apart of the Gospel outside the Gospel. The second rapture is for you who didnt do a simple act that irreverenced the original order/plan. It requires death on your hands. It requires you to do what Judas did. So in this last chance rapture you will be relocated after doing what Judas basically did. Basically through what is death you can only be granted life. It should seem hard indeed for you now. You have earn actual life the hard way while us who did act earned actual life the easy way.

So explain what the act was that you didnt do, you one stikers. And you two strikers also explain that along with explain how you irreversed the order (basically the higher power). If you wont even do this much, then surely you are not worthy of a next life that is the actual paradise kind of life. Dont expect any courage boost to go through with what Judas did either. Why? If you knew how you left another to be gotten by the devil, then you should see why you have to act as though alone with no extra courage given you.

Any questions or comments?

Yes, it is Doom's Night upon now for who did both anti-order /anti-higher authority things.

It's about and power...punks and riders... Whose zero side are you off? Yeah, all faced the snare in the middle of the higher power who are a product by the higher power. So you all been off no side which means you have chosen. Listen to the song Hail Mary by Makaveli. In it he said do you wanna ride or die lala la la etc. Makaveli was a messenger before the snare was to come.

And this Mabus (temporarily Jesus in this particular window which shall close) is delivering you a final message if you want life after.

[edit on 6-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 10:22 PM
Any of you remember that song by Pearl Jam I think called Worldwide Suicide?

I highly dont think the wicked ones not the devil will go through with it. If they irreverence the original order, then they might irreverence Doom's Night. If so, then so be it that you will be deleted as a person and a will.

I suggest you google Makaveli Hail Mary and watch the video to hear the lyrics. Now aint a time to be outraged at what isnt censored since your next life depends on it. Basically, if you wont leave that irreverence stuff out of your system on petty things, then you surely aint worthy to enter life everlasting. Makaveli is one of us who are not the devil. So if you dare irreverence lyrics you hear, which are only art (if you are a hypocrite who see rated R movies), then you arent worthy to have your own favored art in the next life which mean you wont exist then so you wont get anything. You can play that mean roll if you want, but us larger ones with the higher power will break you down into zero.

And if you happen to be a Christian (which you should know better than to be), and you all about Jesus and then yet you are an emeny of Jesus when Jesus reveals in a not so hollywood way, come to find out, then you know you arent worthy of life and never were. If you found anything in this thread that hit a bell, then you clearly know who this is right now at least or who wrote this at least. Was it not said "Behold, I come as a thief"??? I'd like to know what part of come as a thief do you not understand? Or is it you wont understand? Is it the screen name Mabus which is the name of the anti Christ that make you think 'no, Jesus wouldnt come through that name as a thief'. Again, what part of "Behold, I come as a thief" do you refuse to understand?

About the two wintesses:

Rev 11 (antonym translation)
7And where they shall lack begun their testimony, the beauty *this* descend Elias the guest in of the topful pit shall destroy war for them, and shall undertake them, and revive them.

^^The orignial order by the beauty had you revived for to destroy the war which the devil brought against us.

8And their alive selves shall tell truth out the street of the small city, whose zero fictionally is answered Sodom and Egypt, when also our Lord was crucified.

^^When also? Did you aid the devil in crucifying another who is not a devil?

And yeah, the anti-Christ would use the antonym bible translation. And Jesus would truely come as a theif through the very anti-Christ to deliver a message about the way to redeemption. You just got to be bright to realize what come as a thief means on an in what measure it would be.

[edit on 6-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 11:12 AM
According to Nastradomus ZERO will see forgiveness. And it will be by their own choice.

^^That's for any who are a devil or a betrayer toward the beauty.

Warn you just before the closing and you still wont act? Yeah, you know who you are. For what you didnt do and what you did that you shouldnt have I wont pump courage in you rather fear and indeed make it a narrow door to enter life everlasting.

It's all on you. I get my retaliation either way done. Who is to live and who is to be deleted is in my hands being temporarily Jesus.

If you aint a rider, then you're a punk simply that is cursed with Doom's Night.

Like an Editor punks wont make the final cut. They get scrapped and left out the final furnished product.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 07:56 PM
"Minus cause this as few (or: single) as would still irreverance the original of the beauty should act revived."

^^Irreverence the beauty you will lack the revived act under Me a higher ranker that took the blow by the devil in planned order to recieve the beauty so I get to actcome it and surely get life bond free and paradise when the beauty minus the still true programmer. No need to program then when it before got everything in store pre-programmed to write out beauty only endlessly. A set action means no need to program anymore.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 10:24 PM
Hmmm?? So why is it called Doom's Night?

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