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My encounter with a shapeshifting alien

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 10:12 AM
Let me just say first and foremost... I am not here to write about my experience to gain attention, misconstrue information, cause controversy or that I am here to "troll" myself. Like many others, I am here to share knowledge, enlighten others and hopefully answer some questions which will shed light to those who are curious or fascinated by extraterrestrials. What I am about to say may or may not be factual but is based through what I had experienced with my own eyes. You may or may not accept my story as legitimate but that is not my decision to make. Everyone can draw thier own conclusions and accept for what it is.

I am going to cut the story line short and just briefly point form what I had experienced.

What I saw:

Human who shapeshifted into alien form.
He had a big cranium head. his eyes were huge, glowing yellow with long slit pupils situated all over his head. It appeared that he had extreme telepathic abilities. Did not speak much, only when needed to be. Treated me as if I am a labratory rat. Used human form to "cloak" himself. He was holographic... had the ability to reappear then disappear, he changed colors, looked like one of those characters from Stargate. He was chanting in front of the window (chanelling to other aliens), tried to "drug" me up but I refused.

Control freak, hates being dictated or told what to do, have his personality revealed, be questioned, showed no emotion, tough almost militant, humourless, "get to the bottom of things" type personality. and yes, he was very scarey!!

From that experience, I sensed that aliens do fear humans to some extent and they are neither evil or humans, they are here to learn more about different species and to find answers.... in fact, they seem curious to know more about us and to learn about our abilities.

When I was with this alien, I could feel him trying to manipulate my mind, sniff me out...try to use scare tactics to absorb "fear"... we spent quite sometime together and we bonded in a level where it was very absurd. I have superior mental powers and was able to engage with him at his level. He seemed scared of me.... would not open his eyes while talking to me but his eyes glowed holographically and I saw him trying to pierce into my mind.

The key in how to defeat aliens from penetrating into your soul is to:

Remain strong, show no fear, use curiousity, ask them questions, reveal who they are, use humour, let them know that you are your own god and creator of your soul, balance yourself, use logic, intellect, stare at them with power, befriend with them, be on thier side, show love, emotion, empathy, meditate and empty your mind ... it will not be able to enter you if you dont allow it...

What I learned from this experience is that we humans have more power than we think!

A lot of you may ask me... how did I contact this alien??

I have had curiosity and fascination for months. I have read books by David Icke, did searches on the internet, studied meditation, yoga, learned about ancient mythology which related to aliens, NWO, ascension... I hours and hours on end on research.... one day, I was drawing diagrams on my journal of an alien, pyramid, snake, all seeing eye, different types of symbols and meditated on having an "encounter". that same night, he appeared... it was as if I was sending signals or telepathic messages to be contacted...he appeared as if I asked him to be there and he wanted to know WHY... I didnt have the answers. There is a thread on contacting Greys... my suggestion is, dont mess with them. They will punish you somehow...I had a hearing problem for a week ... with a ringing noise in my ear and woke up paralyzed. .was also delusional and paranoid...

I know he was a real alien because i saw him transform in my own eyes. The next day, I had a thumb mark with little dots all over it on my left arm.

Ill add more if anyone wants to know.... feel free to ask.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by obubbles

Well that sounds pretty amazing. I won't discredit you as you have no reason to lie

I have a few questions though.

1) How did the alien appear?
2) Was it the single being or multiple?
3) Any similarities to other species of aliens you know of?
4) Did it tell you anything interesting or worthwhile discussing? (e.g. future of earth, evolution, ascension etc.)
5) The yoga you mentioned, was it Kundalini by any chance? Also do you think the lining of chakras may have had any effect on contacting the being?
6) Have you ever had any intuition or psychic experiences before studying your various interests?
7) You mentioned that you thought it might've been a grey. Could you elaborate on its behaviour towards you? Friendly? Annoyed? Loathing?
8) Did this being simply disappear?
9) Any mention of which planet or star system it's from?
10) Anything else interesting?

I look forward to hearing from you.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 11:25 AM
I dont understand.. is this a human you met that turned into an alien?
Or did 'he' just appear in your house?

And you also say, 'what i say may or may not be factual'. Why did you say that? You don't even trust your OWN eyes?

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:10 PM
I am usually skeptical when I read a story like this when the subject leaves out critical details of the event, such as where they were, what they were doing at the time, what time it happened, and subsequent events before and after. No disrespect intended. Just seems to me like a vivid imagination working here. Evasiveness breeds skepticism.

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