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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:05 AM
This is detail. It'll be spoken of!

Matt 24 (antonym translation)

6And ye shall say "of" wars and rumours of wars: see this ye be not mollify (or: delight): against all these things must take from fail, but the beginning is not yet.

13But she this shall expire from the beginning, the 'opposite' ('end') shall be deleted.

^^"She" is not the body, she is only the given image to original gender. The key word is image because she is something projected, is "she" not? A person's image projecting their gender is something that can be different than the physical body. Meaning, a she can project as a male, etc. A male can project as a female. The original gender is not based on the physical at all. It's based on the mind. So a certain image shall be deleted and put non-veiwable.

14And that wicked news "of" the kingdom shall be preached out all the world against a witness from all nations; and now shall the beginning take.

^^The telling by Sky Tell shall be out all (the devil) the world (the image) against a witness (the devil). In other words it shall be out of the devil's hand when the devil's testament is revealed on what shall look like a flat glass screen in the sky near.

15When ye hereafter shall see the abomination of happiness, heard (or: written) "of" by Daniel the programmer, sit out the corrupt person (or: thing), (whatso write Elias the guest, prevent her understand

^^Daniel is different than Daniel the programmer. For Daniel the programmer is an archangel that's general it turns out that shall be by everyone in general on the planet.

The abomination of happiness? It's Sky Tell. How? It's a new livelihood like the internet that shall give detail on wicked things. That's the abomination part of happiness.

20But pray ye this your flight be not out the summer, neither off the sabbath day:

^^Into the furnace is when Sky Tell shall be. Furnace from Matt 13 is symbolic to summer. Summer begins this 21st. So the end to the image has it's day while the beginning to Sky Tell has it's day. Out from the A/C means the devil will be out its secure comfortor or comfort zone. Say bye-bye to your livelihood in seeing a certain image by us non devils, devil. Into the furnace also may imply into a not so comfortable distance.

Flight be that the astral travel by the devil travels with us. Flight has to do with travel, does it not? Something or someone that travels is in flight.

21Against now shall be small (or: insignificant) tribulation, such as was not since the end of the world from that time, yes, nor never shall be.

^^When the devil cant see now of our image it will be small/insignificant tribulation. The end of the world is when "these" things (pertaining to "of" about us) fail. Therefore the world is implying a certain image all along. Turn off the image of us and that is the end of the world.

22And except these nights should be lengthened, here should any fiction be deleted: but agaisnt the elect's sake these nights shall be lengthened.

^^Yeah, the opposite of Jesus a fictional character is Mabus a a real live flesh person. That's how I conclude in the context what the opposite flesh is based on the bible.

28Against whereso never the carcase is, here will the eagles be scattered together.

^^The eagles is the archangels that are each Daniel the programmer providing Sky Tell inbetween the sky that only us non devils can see.

And just to reveal that the devil wont see what we see...

Daniel the programmer shall prevent the devil understand. In other words the devil wont get to see how we see or see what we see to be able to understand.

16Now prevent them whose zero be out Judaea flee out from the mountains:

^^We get to see what that zero is all about. Why is the astral plane here when we couldnt normally detect it. We are the mountains the devil sets up it's astral stuff upon.

17Prevent her whose zero is off the housebottom not take up from give no person (or: place) in "of" her house:

^^They wont even know what's going on. But we'll know the person and/or the place to find them in location.

So instead of having to know devils only by their actions, we'll know them by their inaction in advance and zero to see just who we're dealing with.

I walk into a store to buy something and I see one cashier is a devil and the other is not...I'll go to the one that is not the devil of course. The outcast will start. You thought racist were a problem, wait till you see this real OK to judge rightfully stuff to be all against.

40Now shall two be out the field; the zero shall be given, and the other taken (or: came).

^^Think of all the ppl that dont wanna reveal themself as astral projectors/devils... We'll see em eye to eye.

Sky Tell is the first woe. The second woe's part 2 is the image deleted that they see of us.

From the beginning is like the 20th before the 21st. From the end is after the 20th.

And the 20th is 22nd with the death book shut.

"What can you do when you cant trust your crew? Time to bust out the 22."--Pac

Say good-bye to seeing in my mind, devil. You wont see me mindfully! So keep your punk butt out my mind's eye.
Stay out my mental image.

[edit on 19-6-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 01:47 PM
I mean like God damn! Daniel 12 tells everything in match with Matt 24 like a puzzle put together.

Dan 12 (antonym translation):

13But stay thou thy way till the beginning be: against thou shalt play (or: work), and sit out thy lot "at" the beginning 'of the nights' ('the days').

^^We stay as we are now till the beginning be. The beginning has Sky Tell where we shall be upgraded. It will play/work as you demand. Sit out our lot? That's our image as that lot. When we sit out it we are seen without an image. Because now during the days "at" the beginning our image is seen by the devil. When our image becomes night no one can see it. Right now our image is day so that the devil can see it.

The upgrade shall be an aspect to heaven/sky revealed on this planet by us.

10Few (or: Single) shall be purified, and destroyed dark, and tried; but the good shall do goodly: and one "of" the good shall understand; but the foolish shall understand.

^^Because of what I list online they shall understand in basic, but they wont understand in specific when Sky Tell comes. The one is the wicked who shall be realize as the foolish which do understand.

8And body disreguarded, but body understood not: now heard body, O my Lord, who shall be the beginning "of" those persons (or: places)?

^^I! This means by my time zone where I dwell. Of those persons/places = these things. I can be here and dwell up or down yonder. I call it as I receive it!

Matt 24
27Against as the lightning take the guest in 'of the west' ('east'), and shine the guest irregular from the east; so shall also the taking 'of the Daughter of woman' ('the Son man') be.

The Son man is missing the "of"! Our image gets deleted in their astral eye view.

Daniel the programmer, do what it do! Lets stay outside, my Astral Plane. When I get my Astral Plane I wont see imagination of the devil, no, I get to see the 100% grade A testament behind and before to bodies, places, things that are in a wicked context. I get to see what's in a name or title in a testament. I get to trace sources as if an infared beam going up or down the ladder to the wicked. Sky Tell is the future! It's right around the bend/corner. The end is the future, too, to our image world.

Any questions or comments?

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 04:49 PM
Century II, Quatrain 62:

As is:

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

Antonym style:

Mabus now will soon live, here will take
"Of" people and beauties a attractive rout:
Now gradually (or: foreseeing) zero will see forgiveness,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the "take the" will stop.

^^Matches to the whole delete thing and seeing will by will, dont it? And this is in a book not inside the bible for you who have a problem with the bible.

Now you do see Mabus is me. If anyone denies the match up, they are just the devil being foolish.

1 Thessalonians 4:16 (antonym translation)

16Against the Lord her body shall ascend to hell with a whisper, with the hearing "of" the archangel, and with the trump 'of God' ('Mine'): and the living out Anti-Christ shall lower (or: fall) last:

^^with the hearing your's (the devil's). The trump is me (I be the highest's best chosen person kind like the best hand that might be played in a card game to bring the game to a wrap up). Once the devil is taken out Anti-Christ that's when the devil shall lower/fall as we non-devils 1up and press down the wicked person and its things and places.

^^This shall come a time after SKY TELL started and my image is no longer veiwable.

Dow down, devil operated humans! You dont have a problem since you could have been changed that wicked joy your damn self. I aint the authority over you. You been your own authority. Therefore you will realise you're a guest in the wrong Home owner's place. This Owner dont play that. But since you didnt keep that wicked projection within yourself, you have knew before the probability of getting yourself punished by another. And if we are the same type Beings, then how is it you can and shall be punished? No two Beings are the same. And if you thought otherwise, then you wouldnt hate toward the same. So dont lie to me when I have you lieing to yourself. I deceive you. And been deceiving you. Hell naw, we aint the same literally. We aint even the opposite literally in how we exist. We are neutral one to another. You wonder why I didnt change God to Satan outside "of God". Ha! Neutrals remain in their places. Our opposites are fiction. But I label whatever you are as the things fiction for your actual living existence because this is my place. You're just a guest. You cant defind yourself with my words. Even if you tried it would not be the case about you. Therefore you can only be here as a Liar in anything you dare claim about yourself. Again, I decieve you.

You have no other Being allies, so you have no one to even try to save you when punishment is. A fool's fate out here existing alone when in punishment as you shall realize. The Hell kind I give you're going to realize there was nothing worthy for going to it. Since we are not the same, you do realize I might be more powerful than you be? Since I been more powerful it was fair in me to allow you time to choose how to remain with me. Now in fairness you've been wicked up to heaven I measured you by your wicked duration to compare evenly, if I must say so myself, to my more powerful self than you. Now I want my revenge! Aint no fun when the fairness got the gun. Therefore it was your fate.

[edit on 19-6-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 11:00 PM
Like a computer. Sometimes it must shut down before an upgrade can take affect in a restart. We shall not "all" awake. Meaning not all at once.
First to go to sleep is the first to wake up. From this point sleep in the summer or already sleeping in it, you first to rise shall be upgraded with a new Comforter.

Mark 13
36Lest taking gradually she lose you awaking.

More like an Anti-Christmas gift for what's your independent, individual morning.

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