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Exorcist (and VP?) Gov. Bobby Jindal

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 07:15 AM
(politics or paranormal discussion? Not sure. Heck, politics ARE paranormal!

Exorcist (and VP?) Gov. Bobby Jindal

Story Here

A devout Catholic who once considered the priesthood, Gov. Bobby Jindal was involved in an exorcism in college. He exorcised a demon from a woman and at the same time her cancer was cured. (allegedly).

Jindal graduated from Brown University and is a Rhodes Scholar. He’s a very successful governor and rather well liked by both his constituents and those he works with. He is also on Sen. McCain’s ‘short list’ for Vice President.

Govenors Website
Jindal website

So far, what I know about him, I like. If he turns out to be the VP nominee on the republican side, I think we’ll find out more as he’s vetted. It’s rather early for him to be considered for VP – IMHO. Give him 8 more years as governor… THEN he’ll be ready.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I live in Louisiana and have never heard the exorcism story before. I'm going to check around on that one.

I do have to say that he is getting flack over this latest tidbit of news.

He is (or just has) signed a bill that will nearly triple the salary of legislators in the state of Louisiana.

I don't know how happy his constituents will be when this costs them, but those he works with must love him right now!

Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday he would let a bill that would triple legislators’ pay become law rather than use his veto pen.

edit to add:

Here is an interesting article dated from 2006 which shows Louisian ranks as the 8th poorest state in the country.

Rank of New Orleans compared to other large cities with population over 100,000:

Please see the entire article.

There are a lot of interesting statistics in the article for the State and also New Orleans compared to other cities and states.

What I find interesting about this is that with the pay raise, the Louisiana legislators will rank 8th for the highest paid in the country.

How can a state that ranks 8th for poverty have legislators that are the 8th highest paid?

The source for the statistics in the article come from the U.S. census

Something doesn't seem right here!

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[edit on 14-6-2008 by Enthralled Fan]

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by Enthralled Fan
How can a state that ranks 8th for poverty have legislators that are the 8th highest paid?

Excellent question. It's worth digging in to find where the $$$ is coming from.

Jindal isn't vetted yet. When he is, then I'm sure things like this will come out and we'll know more about the fella. At this point, he comes across as young but very skilled and a very good Gov.

I don't think he's ready at all to be VP. 8 more years and he might be.

Listening to him on the TV ... I liked the guy.
But of course, that's before the vetting.

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