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Lazy, Over Paid, Cry Baby.....

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:39 PM
I'm sick and tired of these cry babies in professional sports.
Especially the NFL.

Here's the latest one :

Johnson shows up, won't practice for Bengals

Disgruntled receiver Chad Johnson showed up, but wasn't taking part in drills, at the Cincinnati Bengals' minicamp.

Wearing his helmet and jersey, Johnson stood and watched his teammates go through drills on the practice field Thursday, at the first practice of a mandatory three-day minicamp. He arrived at the field a few minutes after the start of practice.

He hasn't worked out with the team since the end of last season, when the Bengals went 7-9 and the Pro Bowl receiver decided he wanted out.

Johnson unsuccessfully lobbied for a trade before the draft, threatening to sit out the season if he didn't get his wish. The team refused a trade offer from Washington.


I wish they'd just cut his butt and then have the league tell him, you didn't complete your contract with that team, so you have to sit out a year, UNPAID!!!!

I hate these guys, they have it all and act the way they do.

Who the heck does he think he is... he's really not that good anyway, overrated big time.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by elevatedone

I don't know if you are a bengals fan or just talking about pro athletes in general, IMO NFL players has all the right to sit out, demand trades, get their contracts restructured and everything else, as far as any other sports they all athletes should just shut up and play.

The NFL and there current CBA allows teams to cut players and those who don't have any guaranteed money are just left in the dust. For that matter if player X signs a 5yr 100 million contract with no guaranteed money gets hurt on year one, he can be cut and left without nothing. No other major pro sports, not even baseball, for crying out loud where.the physical contact is almost non existant the players face this situation.

In addition, players sign a contract and if they don't perform they are all but force by management to restructured their contracts on almost a yearly basis or face being cut and left in the dust. This is almost unheard off in any other sport.

As a former athlete, I know what it takes to prepar yourself on a yearly basis, and my talents only took me to college sports, I can not imagine the regimen that this guys have to put themselves through day in a day out, and have to worry on the back of their mind that the next play can be your last and that can be true on any sports but this risk is exponentially bigger in football.

So as far I'm concern, let them sit, let them get what they deserve, they are just reciprocating the same treatment that management has give them for years, just go and check the list of currently disable former players and the treatment they get from the league.

Get as much as you can, while you have the ability to perform and get out while you can still stand on your two feet.


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