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Is America being setup to lose a war ... ?

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:44 AM
This question dawned on me around 2006. and has been sitting in the back of my mind for quite some time.
let me elaborate a bit.
1. massive turnover in top officials that normally have vested interest in continuing thier carreers - seems more than half - decided to retire early, step down or has been relieved of duties.
2. B.S. war, to wear out our military's equipment. and moral couldn't be lower.
3. involuntary extensions close to 100%.
4. openly committing crimes against humanity - daring a country to voice an opinion in opposition.
5. Other Nations, debating our actions on their governing bodies.
6. Major Nations are boosting their military with new weapon systems and increasing their manpower more than 50% as well as capabilities.
7. Money - devaluations - debt rampant - citizens bankrupt...
8. resources sold at fire sale prices - which will come back in the form of bombs, like Japan did... bought our junk and made weapons out of it... its happening again.
9. every system is on a collision coarse with failure ...
10. Our Leaders are changing our Free Country into a Police State... WHY>
11. HomeLand SECURITY - need I say more.... ok, how about FEMA...
NAZI come to mind.... house of representatives have Fasces on the wall next to the flag - all the while we are fighting "FASCIST ISLAMIC TERRORIST" I find this interesting - but, no one has knocked on my door yet... when they do, I guess its too late to leave at that point...

what else could all of this mean other than - we are being made the bad guys for a future event.... why else would we sabatoge our self defense's

-oh, hell - I'm an American - so, I guess we need to stop this war before it stops us. or should we see where this Fascist crap is taking us first...?
cuz, fixing this nightmare is gonna be a nightmare... sort of the perfect storm been brewing for 10 years now... If I were trying to fix America -
first step - get Cheney out of Office - Secondly - Prosecute the guilty for 911. and thirdly close the UN down. and forthly - dump the FRB.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:28 AM
Good points.
I might have missed this one but don't forget we're going after every contury that might have WMD or nukes.
If you listen to other conturies we already are the bad guys... let's not forget the "stupid American" stereotype other conturies have on tourists and the whole Big Brother idea that we keep butting in where we're not needed.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 12:26 PM
Yeah, set-up by their own president.
The thing is, america has a twelve trillion dollar national debt (probably higher by now.) and the only way to kinda repay this enormous amount is by stepping back from the so-called throne and allow the countries that own the USA to take over.
Losing the war will make it easier acceptable for the people.
But doesnt America lose most wars?? Isnt it the weapons-salesmen and multi-nationals that win in every war? And they win a bit more in every consecutive war.
Didnt you know, by the way that the whole global political arena is just a play to have the peoples of the parties involved believe that there is actually a function for governments. All decisions are made on the level of international trade and money. Most governments are full of the same type of people; in any country, and the multinationals all support eachother, wherever they are based. A company/corporation has no loyalty to any country, just to its owners and shareholders. To make profit is the only goal. Countries and peoples are just means to this end.
Possibly the corporation of corporations is of the opinion now that they can stay in control better, by sacrificing America's position.
Probably more profits can be made when one of the other countries is the world's 'strongest'. And possibly it is better for profit to end this short period of perceived freedom and to clamp the people down again with dictatorships.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:01 PM
And then that brings me to the OATH in which we take to take office. or anyother government job...
You swear to protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america. but there is nothing -- let me repeat nothing behind this oath.
No Prison term for violating it or anything..
I called the American Foreign Legeon to ask them what do we the citizens do with all of this evidence,
1. Hacking Democracy - violates our right to choose our leaders... that triggers the oath.
2. President starting wars with out the approval of any body... that violates the oath.
3. dreaming up lies to attack someone that violates the oath.
4. firing someone for doing the right thing... welll that too...
5. using the government to prevent justice from being done - yes that too.
6. who are you gonna call.... me I will just simply give them a 15 minute fire fight and take as many of them with me --- I guess...

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:31 AM
I guess there is some truth to this thread... it is getting pushed down real fast.. so I will bump it up.. back to the top for more comment....

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